July 1, 2018

Lawn Fawn Golf Fathers Day Card and Clear Stamp Tip

Aloha Crafty Friends,

Today I am sharing some cards I made with Lawn Fawn stamps. These were made for Father's Day and I had a tip to share. I know seasoned stampers already know this trick, so this one is for the newbies. First pics of the cards I created. I had these up at my church's coffee shop. Scroll down for the tip...

Some clear stamps come with a film over it that doesn't allow it's first impressions to be fully stamped (like you'll have some blotch spots). Simply take an eraser, and rub on to the surface of your stamp image, and then wipe off, re-ink and try again. I find that I need to do this with The Greeting Farm stamps and Lawn Fawn Stamps, so far.... My picture shows the top golf cart stamped before the eraser rubbing, and the bottom pic golf cart is after the eraser rubbing.
Also for those images that you've stamped, and didn't make a clear impression, simply use a black marker to fill in the blotches. I use Black Tombow, Black Sharpies, Precise V5 Black Pens to fill in some spots. So far, these have not bleed when I've tried them.

Top image: stamped BEFORE eraser rubbing
Bottom image: stamped AFTER eraser rubbing

Sweet... hope this tip was helpful to someone out there. :)


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~Psalm 51:10~