June 29, 2018

A Visit From Maria Bell

Aloha All... so recently, I met up with one of my long time crafting/blogging friend, Maria Bell. If you have been blogging since 2007, like we have, then you probably know who Maria is too. I have met her for the first time, in person, since 11 years that we have known each other through blogging and social media. We met with a bunch of other ladies, and it was just real nice to finally meet her and talk stories with her. I found that she is the same person as she is on social media. True to her heart, and she loves friendships.

We went to eat lunch at Zippy's, and then on another day, we went to eat at The Olena in Kailua. Then on another day, she came to my crafty session. That was SO COOL that she took the time to spend all that time with me. I was truly blessed with her visit. I am pretty sure that we clicked because she grew up here, in Hawaii. She has that aloha already implanted in her. But I thank the Lord for allowing her to come from the mainland and getting to know me on a more personal level. She has planned to come out next year again, so we are already looking forward to that, and making plans for while she is here on her visit. :)

Here are some pics taken during her visit her on Oahu.

The above pics were taken at Zippy's. Rina, Janis and Teri met up with us. Maria helped me to use her selfie stick. I wasn't doing a good job, as she does, but she showed me how to later use it to avoid seeing it in my pics. I later went and purchased a selfie stick from Amazon!!! LOL!!! Thanks Maria!!!

These above pics were taken at The Olena in Kailua. I had the Macadamia Nut French Toast and the Loco Moco. Unfortunately, I had raved n' raved about this place to Maria and Rina, and when we got there, we received such poor customer service by our waiter. He was a real jerk. Attitude problem, and just not a pleasant waiter to have. He only had us and another party of 13 peeps. But was treating us like we were ruining his morning. What a jerk! I won't share his name for privacy reasons, but I'm just saying that the experience that he gave us was such a turn off, and I was so embarrassed that I shared that restaurant with my friends. If I had known that he was gonna be such a jerk, I wouldn't have asked for them to meet up there. But, God is good... his beauty of creation around us was glorious, and the company that I had was wonderful. That's all that really mattered. I was blessed to be with these ladies.

This last set of pics were taken at my Crafty Session Day #2. I always host 2 Crafty Sessions for me n' my crafty friends, and this time, I was so THRILLED and BLESSED that Maria was able to join us. Along with Barb n' Ali, we took pics, and again, Maria is such a pro with using her selfie stick. My doggie was so in love with her, and she was so sweet to be loving on him. I also gave Maria some Pickled Mango and Mountain Apples. She really enjoyed those.

After Maria had left earlier she returned back to my house to pick up her camera that she left behind. We were able to chit chat a little more and just talk stories like old friends. She's a keeper... And although it was sad to say goodbye, (we hugged like uku-billion times before we really said goodbye), I know that we will be seeing each other again, and I look forward, to meeting up with her in the future. Thanks for coming by Maria, and for taking the time to spend with ME. Love YOU!!!!!!


"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within ME!!!" 
~Psalm 51:10~