October 2, 2017

Look Who's Turning 1

Happy Monday!!! Today I am sharing with you a card I created for our friend's daughter who turned 1! Oh, and she is also OUR God Daughter!! Funny because my hubby n' I were counting how many God Children we had. I think I'm responsible for 4 official God Children, and 2 (twins) of which I claimed on my own. LOL. While the hubby has 7 God Children total. LOL!! I sure hope we do a great job being Godly examples in these children's lives.

Before I share about my card, I wanted to share about what happened last week. The Fun Stampers Journey world had a crazy shake up. The owner/founder/president was terminated. True Story. Richard Garay was let go from Fun Stampers Journey. To me, he was one of the reasons why I fell in love with the company so quickly, because I was captivated by his energetic personality and was looking forward to watching his crafty and live videos. He was also very personable with his Coaches, and reached out to many of us. I know, because he'd send me FB messages like he was MY FRIEND. He didn't have to. He had SOOOO many people that probably messaged him, but yet, he still did, and would always reply to any of my messages. What president of a company does that??? They usually have assistants that would do that kinda "work" for them. But this was Richard's passion. You could tell. The love he had for the people that were following him, and the amazing creativity that he just so LOVED to share. Needless to say, I was shocked, lost for words, and torn. It was said that he was terminated because he was promoting another line of products (his own line) that completely went against the policy of FSJ. I was confused at first, because I thought, how can they fire him? I thought he OWNED n' was the FOUNDER of the company??? Apparently, he made a business decision of partnering up with some investors, and they were the ones that made the decision to terminate him. I understood now, from his point of view, what he did that went against the policy, because I had been with The Angel Company before (no longer existing), and they terminated my demonstrator-ship because I also had been running an online store at the same time. But in Richard's case, I was kinda bothered of the way they let him go. This was a company HE had founded... his bread n' butter of how he'd been supporting his Ohana. Couldn't they have waited to have a meeting with him and say something like, "this is the last warning - cause next would be grounds of termination"???.... So many questions I had, especially "Why had they terminated him the way they did??". After watching his video, he states that he was unaware of the coming of his termination and that he was totally unprepared and surprised by it. (Of course! Who would know when they'd get fired??? - Except for that one time I left my register open at the bank, huh Rina???) :( But he also mentioned that the environment wasn't a good environment if he had stayed. Therefore, over the last couple days, this gave me alot to think about. What are my plans, with the company? What do I do if I quit and all this "STUFF" that I already bought???? I love the products... yes I do. I appreciate that they have lower monthly requirements, and that they have said that they will not be increasing the minimum requirements, for now. Therefore, for now, I am staying on board. But I am leaning towards being more of a FSJ hobbyist. Which means that I will be creating with ALL the products I own and sharing with you how all products can mesh together nicely. :) #UseEmAll

With that being said... here is the card I recently created. I love this mermaid, she's so cute.  I colored her with Pan Pastels and Copic Markers. The sequins, inks, embossing folder, oval die cut n' stiched die, pan pastels and mermaid stamped image are from FSJ, the sentiments (numbers & words) are from SU!

Praying your week will be blessed. Just heard about the shooting in Las Vegas. So sad. Please pray along with me for those involved in the shooting. The families that lost anyone, and those hanging on to their lives. Praying also for all those that are stricken and saddened and confused about everything that had happened.

With Love In Christ,

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE" 
~1 Corinthians 13:13~