July 11, 2017

Arrival of My Fun Stampers Journey Kit

Oh what fun it is to receive HAPPY MAIL!!!! Here is my Fun Stampers Journey Starter Kit!!!! So excited to receive it today, you don't understand how LOOOOOOONG I had to wait. LOL.... I've placed my order the 1st of July, so excited, but due to the July 4th Holiday, my starter kit probably didn't go out til' the 5th of July. Ho hum... living in Hawaii, you learn to be patient... and stay calm... and remain silent. LOL!!!   So I've waited, and bugged my upline several times, waited again, and finally called the home office and asked them to check on my status and maybe perhaps give me an idea of WHEN my items were arriving. Monday, July 10th, they said.... tracking # provided, and I tracked n' tracked n' tracked.... throughout the weekend. It made it such a LOOOOOOONG weekend at that. LOL!!!

Anyways, it is finally here... here are my pics to prove it!!!!  After viewing all the pics, be sure to scroll down below to check out the ongoing JULY PROMOTION!!!!

Ohhhh and here is the Platnium Embossing Machine that came with my order....  I ordered the "Platinum Kit" and you will see the different types of kits FSJ offers below....

As you can see, the machine's side panels fold down n' up when you're not using. Great for easy storage, it's like a giant Cuttlebug Machine. Remember those?? The platform size is 8-1/2" wide!!!! Machine weighs approximately 16lbs. and measures 6.9" X 13.5" X 7" (closed).

The machine comes with EVERYTHING that you need to emboss n' cut.... it comes with a Magnetic Platform, 2 Cutting Plates, Embossing Mat and Embossing Plate. Thank You, Jesus!!!!

Here is this month's promotion!!! DOUBLE THE AMOUNT OF STAMPS in your starter kit order!!!! There is still plenty of time to sign up and be a part of my Fun Stampers Journey TEAM!!!!! I wanna create with you!!

There are 3 customized started kits you can choose from... check it out!!!!

If you'd like a catalog, you can order it directly from my website at: www.funstampersjourney.com/jenyoung

If you're interested in signing up, go to the link to my website (above) and click on "Join My Team".

Thanks for scrolling through my pictures. I hope you've enjoyed what you go to see and explored with me all the yummies I got in this starter kit. Looking forward in sharing projects and MORE Happy Mail order with you all soon!!!