December 5, 2016

Ichiriki Japanese Nabe

So our friends are here visiting from out of town. So happy to see the entire Ohana. It's so neat, because this lady used to read my blog B4 she knew me in real life!!! But the neat thing is that she and I first met at CHURCH!!! How awesome is that?? Isn't God GOOD?? Yes, he is, ALL THE TIME!!! I have met several ladies at church that mentioned that they've read my blog before even meeting me. There was another sister-in-Christ that lived on the mainland, and then she saw me at church, when she moved here. Came up to me, and said, "hey, you have a blog, don't you?"... neatest thing ever. Friendships have been built because of blogging. I am forever grateful for that, and esp grateful that God brought these ladies into my life!!

So anyways, we went to Ichiriki with our friends. OH how I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, can I say "LOVE" enough times to show how much I LOVE this place??? Everything on the menu is just so ONOLicious. I am telling you the truth. I just love this place. But then again, I love Japanese food, period!! LOL!!!  Here are more pics that I took....

The men cooking their nabe in their hot pot. 

So this place is all about cooking your nabe (Japanese soup) yourself. You choose a type of broth, which I usually go with the "Ichiriki" a.k.a. shoyu broth, and then a type of meat n' veggies that come with it. OH YUM!!!!

I like to take my time in eating this meal... so I put in a meat only when I am ready to eat it. Others put their meat in all at once. But to each their own. :) Here is mines n' Kim's pot..... 

Our Ohana visiting n' enjoying dinner with us... so funny, the party to the left is playing the "Draw on Your Head" game. :) 
Praising God for the time well spent with this Ohana. They are always fun to hang out with. God is good!!!