November 29, 2016

Monday's Musings

Aloha and Happy Monday! I am going to try and do a better job at blogging.
I've also decided that I'd go back to blogging on only 1 blog and blogging about everything and anything that happens throughout my day! 

So how was your Thanksgiving?? We had lots of friends and family over and plenty of food!! My hubby was up at 1:45 the morning of Thanksgiving day, cooking up a huge meal. The day before, I helped him prep by chopping up all the needed vegetables and segregated them in groups of what dish they were being used in. I must say, that was really smart thinking on our part to prep our food like that. I think that really helped us on time. We still wished there were more stove top for cooking though, and another oven too!!! 

Before Thanksgiving my youngest got sick. He managed thru Thanksgiving and then got worst the day after. I took him to the doctor and during the weekend, he hasn't really improve any. It's so hard to have to listen to him hacking away and feeling as though his mess aren't helping any. So, Monday is here and we're back at the doctors. 

But back up a bit... to yesterday morning. I received a message from a dear sis in Christ and the
mother of my twin God Daughters. She needs 35 ribbon leis by this coming Saturday! Which means, I need to be done no later than Wednesday for her to receive them by Friday. Ack!!! Nonetheless, I agreed to take on this challenge. So far, I have completed 20 leis!! I am praying that I can get the rest done on time and that I can even make candy leis for my two girls. Lord, be with me!!! Here are pics of the leis I've completed so far:

 I went for the quick 2-colored braided leis. These were the only ones that I could think of that I'd be able to finish in 2 days. I tried to get my girlfriend to make them herself, sent her a You Tube video to watch, but she quickly gave up! LOL!

In between making leis, I had to dash out and take my fur baby to the Vet. Here she is in her Hello Kitty bag, on the car ride there.... my appointment was scheduled for 10am., but get this - when I checked in, I was told that the doctor wasn't going to be in til' 10:30!!! What in the world?

So I waited n' waited n' waited.... 10:30 came n' went... the doctor finally showed up at 10:45. Sheesh Louise!!! I prayed that the doctor would be quick, because my truck was on the meter, and was nearly going to be finished. I sure didn't wanna come back to my truck with a ticket on it, that would've made me so irritated. She trimmed my baby's nails, cleaned her ears, and then I was checked out. I left promptly, and headed back to my truck. Was relieved to see that although my metered expired, there was no ticket on the wind shield. Thank You, Jesus!!! The car behind me tho', was unfortunate, and the ticket was flapping in the wind, attached to his wind shield wiper. Eeeks!! 

I headed home. Worked on several more leis, and then asked my boy if he wanted sushi for lunch. We headed out to Kapolei's Kakozu Sushi. The environment is very casual, and intimate. Not as busy n' chaotic as Genki Sushi. Their menu is pretty close, and they have a conveyor belt of sushi, just like Genki's. I've eaten here several times... and since this place was close to the doctor's office, I thought it would be a good choice. Here's what we ate:

Ahi Nigiri... (made shoyu on the side, mixed with wasabi):

Miso soup... one bowl was enough to help us warm up a little on this windy n' semi chilly day! However, I thought the soup was a little bit too salty for me.

Creamcheese Fried Shrimp Tempura Roll. At first, I  couldn't see the shrimp. But all the crunchy stuffs looked tasty to eat. Because I am allergic to shrimp, I removed it, and ate everything else.

Yumm!! My favorite!! Baked Muscles!! I also get this when I go to a sushi bar. Cannot NOT have this. It's just too onolicious!!!!

After the doctor's appointment, I went to Long's (now CVS), and saw that they had some Krispy Kreme products on the shelf. LOL! Couldn't help but to take a picture to document this.

And for my day... I put this beauty together to wear, from my KEEP Collection... love all the rose gold n' soft pinks this ensemble has... 

After a busy day, I went back home to finish those leis... I know I will finish them by tomorrow, but I want to get them done, NOW!!! Thanks for checking in.... be back tomorrow and see if I've finished them or not. :)

Have a blessed day!!!