November 30, 2016

35 Completed Ribbon Leis

Oh my oh my!!! Yesterday was such a relief to complete the 35 Ribbon Leis for my twin God-Daughters. I boxed them up n' had them shipped off to WA. Praying it'll get there by Friday, as their tournament is on Sunday. When I was done with the leis, I grabbed a Large Flat Rate mailing box from my closet, and was so excited to put them all in, only to find out that I couldn't find my shipping tape!!! Don't you just hate this?? I have been losing my mind lately, and oh gosh, things "just go missing". So, I headed to WalMart... for tape... and left WalMart with practically finishing my Christmas shopping. Which is a relief, because I need to get started on these gifts before our trip. Well, here is a look at all the leis that I worked on. It's a rainbow of colors, because my friend said that she'd take any color, since it was such a last minute RUSHED order. She messaged me on Sunday, and I had to work immediately and quickly. So I told her that she'll have to settle for whatever ribbons I had in stock. Praise God I had this many ribbons. You know what the funny part was, though? I had this bag of ribbons that I was seriously thinking of dropping off to Goodwill. But something, must've been the Holy Spirit, was telling me to not throw them away, just yet. So I kept them around. But several times, I would see the bag, and I thought, "I need to throw this bag away!!" But again, Praise God that I didn't... because I was able to use the ribbons for this task!! Thank You, Jesus!!!!

I just love all the pretty colors and how they all turned out. The ribbon lines all look so uniformed, and just so neat to see how they conform to each other. I cannot believe how quickly I made these. After the box was shipped, I made myself some coffee n' enjoyed it with a Pandesal. Pandesals are a Filipino baked bun. I love it. Used to eat it with Hot Cocoa when I was a kid, dipped in the Hot Cocoa, and eating it for breakfast. So yummy. I don't dip it in my hot cocoa anymore, not my coffee, because I realized that some of the bread would break off, and it grossed me out to see them at the bottom of my cup when I was done with my drink. Yuck! LOL!!

Now, lookie here... upon completing the 35 ribbon leis, I also created 2 candy leis to surprise my twin God-Daughters. They are going to be so thrilled when they see this. I just know that they will be truly blessed. But in the process of making them, I was blessed and reminded of this gift that the Lord has given me. I'm not ever going to take that for granted again. He said that all I gotta do is show up, and he will give me the strength to go n' he will put the words on my mouth to speak. So I am speaking through my creativity and am praying that these will put a smile on the girl's hearts.  This candy lei was simple to create, just takes time to push the treats through the lei's netting, and I just tied ribbons in between each treat, then tied the ends together to make the lei complete. I can't wait to hear how they reacted when they open the box.

Yesterday was cold n' gloomy n' windy n' dark... clouds everywhere... and my little one is still sick. He has been sick since last week Tuesday. Been missing school since, and now it's just way too long. It's been a week and a half, and his coughs are still so strong and gross sounding. It pains me to hear him coughing n' hacking. I am sure his muscles on his abs are sore n' that his chest is painful from all that coughing. It seems that any med that I give him is not working. Tomorrow, I will probably take him back to the doctors to get another bout of meds. He was placed on antibiotics, and still... nothing. So, praying for healing and that he can go back to school soon. He's been missing too many days. But he can't go back being miserable.

I leave you with these 2 pictures of a lily in my pond. This is of the same lily, just different angles. I need to work on DT requirements for Little Scraps of Heaven Designs, because I'm behind on projects for this month. Will catch up by creating some digital pages, and hopefully I can keep up with creating those pages in the future. Tomorrow I have pics of these adorable favors I created for a baby shower I attended this past weekend. Best fun ever, I had!!!