February 5, 2016

Aloha RAK Sign Up - OPEN: February

***ALOHA RAK for February Sign Up: OPEN***

If you're interested in participating in the Aloha RAK for the month of February, please leave a comment below and include your email for me to contact you. I will close sign ups by February 8th and have everyone matched up by the 10th. 

What is a "RAK"?! R.A.K is an acronym for "Random Act of Kindness" - meaning that you're giving something out of the kindness of your heart. 1 RAK once a month to someone that will totally appreciate your creativity that comes from your heart!

1 - Open To USA, ALASKA and CANADA residents only (To save on shipping fees), as well as those living on a military base in a foreign country (must have US Military Address).
2 - Open to ALL: bloggers, readers, facebook peeps....
3 - ALOHA RAK item MUST be created by YOU!
4 - Please be sure to include your "Created by_____" info on your project.
5 - Only 1 RAK item is required, other goodies are fun but are optional.
6 - For card creations - it is optional to leave card blank or to write your message in there. Just make sure a note is in there to let your receiver know who the RAK came from.
7 - The person you will be RAKing will be assigned by me - Jen, therefore when signing up for this RAK group - you are stating that you are "OK" with whomever your are matched up with, and "OK" with paying for shipping fees. ($0.49 to USA, $0.89 to Alaska, $1.35 to Canada/Military Base - please correct me if I am wrong - these fees are for a simple greeting card size and approximate costs).
8 - This is a monthly thing. I will post on my blog and Facebook pages the beginning of each month, and ask if anyone is interested in signing up for "Jen's Aloha RAK". You must sign up each month - we will NOT assume that you will participate every month.
9 - Please complete and send your RAK to it's receiver by the 25th of each month.
10 - Please do NOT flake out!!! I know life happens!!! So, If in case of emergency, and you need to back out, please inform me ASAP, as I will need to fill in your spot, or have someone else fill in for you!! Remember ~ YOU are also being RAK'd so, if you break the "Chain of RAKing" then somebody is going be left "UN-RAK'd". Please commit with others in mind.
11 - In some unlikely unfortunate reasons, mail might get lost. Please do not get upset. These things happen and we've seen it happen a couple of times. Please be understanding should you be the person that is NOT receiving, and if you are the sender, perhaps willing to send another. This is all for FUN. Do NOT send super duper lavishly created projects... you will be disappointed if it doesn't get to the receiver.
12 - Before sending your RAK to it's receiver - please take a picture and send to me, Jen - at littlecs7@gmail.com, or you can send it to me through facebook messenger. I will post everyone's project at the end of the month, as long as it is sent to me.
13 - Last but not least, Have FUN!!! Create with Love in Mind!!!

These rules will be posted each month, and are subject to change (for all the right reasons).

Thank You!!!