December 14, 2015

"F" is for "Flurries"

Aloha and welcome back to another week of Alphabet Challenges!!! We are on the letter "F" this week, and I am going with "F" is for "Flurries" -  First let's take care of last week's winner.... Our winner was:

Thank you all that participated. Moving on to my sample.... I am continuing to work on my Rolodex Birthday Calendar.. so here is the month of December's cover. Love that Little Scraps of Heaven Designs has a cut that celebrates the Lord's birth. This set is called "A Child is Born". The background paper has the "FLURRIES" that I am using as the sample for this week's challenge.

Here is a photo of the cover in the Rolodex file. I still have to think of how I'm going to show the birthdays. There is still a lot of room in this Rolodex file. I can't wait til' I'm completely done with it.

Now for this week's prize... and I have to let you all know, I will be on vacation the next 2 weeks, so this week's prize won't be mailed out until I get back. Which'll be the beginning of January. So please sit tight!  When I am on vacation, my challenges will also be on break, and won't be back til' the 4th of January. I so appreciate you understanding. This is a time of rest for me n' my family and we just need to take that break from all the busy-ness that went on throughout the year. OK, so with that all said and understood, here is this week's prize:

 This is a sheet of unmounted and uncut stamps. There is 7 stamps on this sheet. To use, you need to cut and then use an acrylic block. Because it isn't mounted on any foam, I either use ATG tape to temporarily adhere it to my block, or use "Tack-and-Peel" which also works great. Anyways this is the prize for this week. Again, I won't be mailing it out til' the beginning of January. So hang tight if you are the winner!!!

I am submitting my project to the following challenges:

Now it's you're turn to play along!! Here is where you'd be putting your project. Created anything with "Flurries" within your project piece, and you can qualify for this week's challenge prize winning!!!  Thanks again for playing along with me!!!