October 27, 2015

Mini Diaper Cake with Zoo Animal Toppers

Aloha!! Hope you are having a blessed week!! The year is almost OVER!! October is the month that everything just starts to feel like we're going down hill quickly.... I actually start to make my Christmas list this month, and I haven't even started that yet, so I already feel like I'm BEHIND!! I need to get on it, and start ordering stuffs so I can get them in on time. Anyways, after October, Thanksgiving comes, and then CHRISTMAS!! Thanking Jesus for this blessed day that we get to celebrate HIS birth. Did you know that it probably wasn't even in December that Jesus was born??  Interesting fact, right??? 

This past weekend, a friend asked me to make some mini diapers for a baby shower she was hosting. I used Little Scraps of Heaven Design's Zoo Animals 1, 2 & 3!! Loved these adorable animals. They are too CUTE!!  Here's how they turned out!!! 


 Lion... hear me Rawr!

Grizzly Bear




Here's all the gang together.... 
That's all folks... enjoy the rest of the week!!

I am submitting my project to the following fun challenges out there: