October 17, 2015

I know I said I was leaving but....

I know, I know... I know I said I was leaving, but I just have the sense of urgency to share my projects here, and I know that my readers are missing reading my blog, because some of you contacted me, and said "Facebook??? Do I have to sign up with Facebook now?"... plus, I like writing long drawn out posts so my readers can read about what is going on in my mind.

I've changed the title of my blog to "Fun Cuts" so that it would match with the Facebook Page I have. The blog address didn't change. You don't have to change anything. You'll still receive my daily emails, if you haven't already deleted yourself from my subscription list. Hah!  I've decided to return to blogland and post on this blog again. I know, so wishy-washy, ya? I don't know, maybe I just needed some time to get away from blogging and gather my thoughts. Do a little change to it, and just dive into it again.

SO many things has happened since I've last posted. But I'm gonna share with you the latest project I made, which was just completed yesterday. It's a diaper cake order for my MIL. This is a 3-Tier cake. Honestly, I think the bottom tier is way too wide! Ugh! Here's how it started out:

I put all the "yummies" in the center part of the cake, as you can see here, got the shampoo n' lotion n' body wash items. Just looking at this picture really makes me feel like the bottom layer is way way too wide.... I know, I mentioned that above, but now it's really starting to bug me. LOL!

Here's the finished cake... 
It's the first time I used silk flowers to decorate. I think I'm going to do something with that bottom tier. It's a good thing I don't need to get this project to my MIL til' Monday. If I do make changes, I'll be sure to post an updated pic here.

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for visiting, and thanks for going with the flow of my craziness!! I really really appreciate all of you!!

Blessings, Jen