September 7, 2015

I'm Back!!

Aloha All!! Why does it always take so long to get back into the mood of crafting when I return from a vacation? There are ideas, and I have the slight desire to want to create something, but there is just no energy there. Anyways... just gotta go day by day and refocus and allow the Lord to lead, and take the reigns of my chariot in the direction of which HE would want for me to go, right??

Anyways, how many of you are into planners? My sis-in-Christ and crafty sister has been creating some real neat things and using a planner. I have 1 calendar book that I plan my entire month in. But now, I see that there is so much to do in it that can be CUTE! At first, I thought, what would I do with a planner and why invest in creating in something that I would throw away. But I am learning slowly by slowly, that it is FUN to doodle in my calendar, and I'll start adding tabs and paper clips. I just don't want to start a planner and have to carry around 10 planners, because they are all cute. LOL! That's a struggle. I think I should just focus on 1 and work around that, right?  Well, why did I even bring up about calendars??  I guess cause I was thinking of all these projects I need/want to create, and instead of working on them, I ended up just listing them... and it helped... a little. But here I am rambling on.

I have been also into Bible Journaling lately. My last post was actually a bible journaling post. It was a digitally created bible journaling project. I also like to bible journal on my bible and then last week, while at WalMart, I purchased this Canson XL mixed media spiral journal, of which it is sized at 9" x 12".

I immediately knew that I wanted to add bible scriptures and inspirational verses within this book. So, I took some of the other pages that I've already created, and adhered them within.


The idea is for me to journal on the white spaces of my pages, WHENEVER the Lord places something on my heart, I can go to that verse and write something. Just as I have journaled on the page of the last pic I posted above. There is also space for me to doodle if I have the desire to. Or just adding a reminder to myself such as the writing that I've written right under the umbrella which reads "having a roof over my head is an abundant of blessing". It is a reminder me that I should never take for granted that I live in a home, when there are so many others that are without one. Because there is so much more room to write, I can come back to the page any time and write in another inkling when that time comes. I just LOVE to write what my heart is thinking.

Thus for this book, I had to make a cover. I wanted a cover that would say exactly what I was using this book for. I thought maybe "Inspirational Journaling", "Journaling for HIS Kingdom" and even "Bible Journaling for HIM"... but all wasn't the one that the Lord wanted me to use. Instead, he placed upon my heart the title of "In HIS Presence".... and oh boy! It just really is that. Whenever I sit, and ponder and meditate on the verse HE has allowed me to work on for that day... I spend time with HIM, thus I am in HIS presence. No place I'd rather be.... So here you have it...

Here is how I created it. The little girl is me... :) I took the cover off, and adhered DSP to it. I used my Cinch Machine to squeeze back the coils when I was done.  The little girl cut is from Little Scraps of Heaven Design's "Little Buggers" set, the little girl is holding a net in this set. But I thought with her just sitting here would look great even without the net.  The pencil cut is from Little Scraps of Heaven Design's "Back to School Penguins". The pencil was a symbol of my journaling.  I love that I have this book, and am looking forward in creating more pages, and adding more journaling to it. 

Here is a close up of the little girl cut. In the Lord's eyes, I am HIS lil' princess, and HIS princess I will always be....  

Thanks for visiting! It's great to be back. I'm glad I got to post this project and share with y'all. I have been excited about sharing this project for a while now. Well, got to go now, there is a list of other things that I need to get done. But first... let's update my planner!! (Thanks Ali!!)