September 9, 2015

Decorated September Calendar Planner

Aloha all... another thing that I have dived into is planners. Actually, I've always had a planner, I just haven't decorated and make them all cutesy before, other than using all types of different colored pens. My dear friend, Ali, she has open another door and showed me how peeps are decorating and playing with their planners. My first thought was, WHAAAAT??? I swore at that time I didn't think anything of it, and thought to myself that I just have NO TIME to be playing with my planner, and besides, at the end of the year, it'll go into the trash, right?  Well, with decorated pages, maybe I'll kinda make it into a journaling planner, and end up keeping it just for myself in the future... what do ya think?? 

So here is my 1st decorated page in my planner book, which is actually my calendar. I used Little Scraps of Heaven Design's "September Title" to decorate this month's page. I am planning on decorating my planner here n' there. But like I mentioned above, I think I will make it more like a journal calendar, come next year.... or maybe I should practice, NOW??? Hmmmmm....  Anything to play with paper, right??

Well, thanks for popping in, and thank you for sharing a little bit of your day with me.