July 12, 2015

June's Class Cards

Aloha All!!  Here are the cards my June Class attendees created. The 2nd one with the polka dots was CASED, but slightly changed. I just loved the dotted look.  Keepin' cards simple n' sweet. If you aren't able to attend my classes, you can order a kit and it is mailed to you, all stamped and all you need to do is assemble together.

Smudge on this card was done by my thumb accidentally. Oh well.... oh and the raindrops are upside down (by mistake!). I didn't even notice this til' my son mentioned it to me. It was the last card I created... I must've been tired.

This one was CASE'd but slightly changed a little... 

That was all the cards! Thanks for stopping by!!! Aloha, Jen