October 14, 2014

Lion King Digital Scrapbook 2 Page Layouts

Hey Gang...  thank you for all of your prayers. Healing has been going well.  I was off of Oxycodone the very next day, as it was making me dizzy... I then switched to Tylenol., 3 every 4 hours, for the next 2 days.  After that, pain subsided.  On the 7th day, my doctor removed the drain tubes. Thank You, Jesus!!  These tubes are the hardest part of all the process... at least to me it is.  I don't like them.  I tend to think that they might get caught on something and then "tug" on me accidentally.  Yuck.  Don't want to think about them.  Anyways, I'm still on restriction.... no driving til' week 6, and no lifting of arms.  I can't really stamp, so I've been working on my digital scrapbook pages again.

Here is a 2 page layout I created of pics taken back in January, when my boys n' I went with our friends.

 Page 1:

Page 2:

Pages side-by-side:

Elements are from Mad For The Mouse Designs. She's got lots of Disney type digi kits... if you're into Disney, you might wanna check her site out, because you will not be disappointed!!  Thanks for stopping by!!!

Aloha, Jen

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