April 2, 2014

Up Up and AWAY!!!

We are heading on our college tour... going to stay with family friends in Seattle for the week, and then to So Cal, staying with our cousin. Excited. Nervous. But trusting that everything that we have planned was planned for us by the Lord.  He's got us all in the palm of HIS hands.  There is nothing for me to worry about, but rather allow Him to use this vessel.

Prepping for take off.. some sandwiches and musubis for the ride there. Total of 8 Sandwiches (turkey, ham, mayo, lettuce, mustard and tomatoe) were made, and 4 musubis. In the end, we ate 5 sandwiches and 2 musubis.

We waited at Starbucks to kill time.... 2 hours here and 5 hours on the plane was a very long time, esp for my lil' guy. During the time at Starbucks, he got started on his homework.  Praise God!!

Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow, pics of our 1st full day in Seattle... stay tuned! Blessed. Excited and just happy to be here with my family.  Thank You for this JOY that you overfill me with, Lord!

Aloha to you...