November 7, 2013

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Aloha Friends...

It is a beautiful day in paradise today.  The rain came down strong yesterday, and oh how I enjoyed it so much.  Love when the rain comes pouring down, love the pitter-patter sounds it makes, love when it is thundering... makes me wanna make a warm cup of hot chocolate, with whipped cream topping it, and pulling a throw over me n' my PJ's, and then watching a comedy/romance or Christmas/romance on Netflix.  Love that the outsides look so DARK... brrrr.... and then waking up the next day to sunny sunshine Honolulu... ahhh... winter in Hawaii!!!!  That's just how it is peeps... Blessed to be living right where I'm at!!!!

The photo above was taken at Camp Smith on top of Halawa, you can see Diamond Head off in the distance to the right of the photo.  :)

Today, I am paying bills... working on a "Baby's First Thanksgiving" scrapbook page.... this process is coming along very slowly, since I am very limited to my creativity right now.  My hands are able to move freely, but my plastic surgeon is very conservative, and wants me to take it REAL EASY.  I am not even supposed to do LIGHT dishes.  I gotta tell ya, it is so hard to do.  But Praise the Lord... I gotta enjoy and take this time to heal, while I can, and not make matters worse, right?  My doctor says, "Sacrifice now, to reap the benefits later".  Such an awesome plastic surgeon.  Love him!  He genuinely cares about his patients, they are not just a "case" to him, but rather a family member almost.  Praising the Lord for guiding us and providing us that way to find and meet this doctor.

Speaking of my plastic surgeon, I just met with him this week.  He filled my expanders 100CC more (with saline), from here I will only need 50CCs more to go (and one more week!!).  I felt a little tightness, and stretching, just as the first time around.  But it wasn't as bad.  The heaviness was there the next day, but again, not as bad.  I can see the formation of my breast forming, and I like what I see.  What I don't like is that I can see my belly!  Ack!!  That means I will have to get off my okole (butt), and do something about it, once my doctor gives me the go ahead to leave my house, and exercise.  There is no feeling in my breasts, by the way.  It's numb! When I touch it, it feels like I am touching a padded bra, rather than touching my own flesh.  It is a very interesting feeling.  Other breast cancer sisters have explained this to me before... but I've never quite understood it, until now that I'm experiencing it.  I have said this before, and I will say it again... the Lord has been in my favor regarding this journey.  I cannot thank HIM enough for giving me the strength, the courage, comfort, and JOY to go through this, and not have to experience the pain and depression that a lot of others have had to endure.  I truly, truly believe that it is because of Jesus that I am able to tackle this journey with grace and acceptance... so, Thank U Lord!!! 

I paid bills today... Praise the Lord that I am even able to do THAT, right??  Love that I am able to pay majority of my bills online.  Makes it so much easier.  But all doctor bills are still via snail mail.  I don't mind that either... let's me practice my handwriting.  :)  Took me several hours to pay bills... this included looking through junk mail!!  By the time I was done, my youngest was home from school. 

Blessings ~
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"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." ~1 Cor 13:13~