October 17, 2013

Post-Op Day 1 10-17-13

Good Fabulous Morning!!!! Prayer warriors u r awesome!!!! Pain is in my muscles only, from being in one place far too long. Like I had a day of workout!! Crazy!! I was in such pain last night, but the pain meds through IV was not working, nor were the Oxycodine pills.  It was a tripp!!  It wasn't the surgery area that was sore, but my back muscles!!  I literally cried (not bawling kine), but just tears streaming down my face, ever so slowly.  I asked the Lord, "What is this?? And how can I ease the pain??"... Then HE placed the thought of "VICKS" in my mind.  I immediately asked Charlie if he could pick up some Vicks.  Sure enough, he went, on foot, to the nearest store (it was 11 at night, and he didn't want to have to lose his parking and pay double), he walked to Longs.  Came back about 45 mins later, and rubbed that on my back...instantly I felt better!! Vicks??? Lol!!! I went from taking pain meds every 2 hours when I first came out at 6pm last night, to taking pain meds every 4 hours since 2 am. I took pills only ONCE and it was only half the dose!!! AMAZING, AMAZING, AMZING Grace!!!  God is so AMAZING!!  Thank You, Lord Jesus!!!   Here is the view from my room - the next day after surgery!! Thanking Jesus for another day given to me, to glorify HIM!!!!

----> Later at night: Trying to get comfortable in this bed. Muscles still achy, and body parts are itchy! With my arms having to only go as far as a t-rex's or penguin, I must get creative in scratching those itchy parts. Tonight, I found out that if I take off my glasses, I can use the end to scratch my head! Learn something new everyday!! I am amazed and so blessed by all of u who has lifted up prayers and continue to give God all the glory!! Only through HIM we can get through this. And HE sits at the foot of my bed smiling back at me... He says, "Jen, I got this". I don't have cancer, I've got JESUS!!!!


Blessings ~
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"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." ~1 Cor 13:13~