October 9, 2013

God's Perfect Time... Surgery Date 1 Week From Today!!!

1 MORE Week til' surgery date!!! Can I share how AWESOME God is??  At one time, my surgery date, was actually scheduled for October 28th, with another team of surgeons.  When we were first told that October 28th was our surgery date (after being diagnosed back in June), I thought... "hmmm, God must be allowing this time for healing"... and I was ok with that date.  My hubby, on the other hand, heard the Lord telling him to push for another date... "Honey" he says, "the Lord has been placing on my heart, that we are to ask, just ask and see if there is any available date that is sooner" (this happened at the beginning of August). I called the surgeons, and the response I got was "no, Dr. doesn't have any days available, other than the 28th" (this was the plastic surgeon's office).  I asked that they call me if there was a cancellation.  They said they would.  The Lord said.... "BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD" ~Psalm 46:10~ "No worry, I going take care of you..." I knew HE was speaking clearly to me, and allowing me that peace.  The plastic surgeon's office then called me back... surgery date moved up to October 4th!!  YAY!! A patient had cancelled. Happiness and joy sprang within me... but wait, something felt weird.. the date just didn't seem right... sure enough, one week later, another phone call from plastic surgeon's office, "Sorry, we can't do October 4th, must push surgery back to original date of October 28th".  OK...  "Ok, Lord... I am waiting... I know you are going to work this out".  A couple days later, along came a friend of ours, who heard that I was going through this.  His wife was in the same situation, same surgeons 4 years ago. I remember meeting this fella several times, but I haven't really met his wife.  We've probably seen each other in passing "hi/bye" kine. Her hubby text's her, tells her about our situation, and she immediately responds "Have Jen call me before seeing them!!!".  I call her the next day, she shares her story with me. She warns adamantly for me to NOT go to those surgeons, as she's had a horrible experience with them.  That the surgeons that she's seen after the horrible experience, took great care of her, and that it would be best that I go and see them, instead of experiencing the same the ones I already have!!!   At this time, it had been 2 months since I've been diagnosed.... WHAT??  WHY NOW?? I got on my knees, and prayed... "Lord... I am confused! I know you are not a God of confusion... what do you want me to do?? How do I know that this is of YOU??  I don't want to follow the flesh of man, and because of what has happened to her, to be what we decide on doing... if it is your plans Lord, open doors and lead the way!!  Close the doors that don't need to be open at this time, and guide us exactly where we need to GO!!"  My new friend, who turns out to be a Christian sister, advised me to call my OB who referred me to the surgeons, and let him know about the surgery date. So I did... my OB flips out!!  "WHAAAAAAAAAAAT???  WHY IS IT TAKING SOOOO LONG???  I'm going to call Dr. ** and find out what the hell is going on!!!".  WOOOH!!  "OK Lord, was that a door opening??".... In the meantime, while waiting for a call back from my OB, my sister in Christ starts to help me make calls to the NEW surgeons.  NEW team of surgeons fit me into their already tight schedules, asked other patients who were willing to move their appointments around to accommodate me and my husband.  NEW team of surgeons appointments are both on the same day, so that it would be easier for us to attend the appointments!!  **DOORS OPENING - if you've missed it!!**  OB calls back the next day, says surgeon didn't return his call, nor his text!!!  **DOORS CLOSING!!**  2 days later, Plastic Surgeon of 1st team calls... surgery date moved up again! Date scheduled for October 7th this time.  I am not as excited as the 1st time.  I've learned not to get my hopes up from the 1st time they let me down.  But I'm thinking, "Lord is this you? U want me to go with 1st team of surgeons??"... However, the VERY NEXT DAY, Plastic Surgeon from 1st Team calls back, "SORRY, we need to move the surgery back to the 28th, AGAIN.  Unfortunately, NOT all parties are available, AGAIN". **DOORS CLOSING!!** I am NOT surprised, but I am actually THRILLED!!! 

The Lord was and still is answering our prayers, and opening doors that no man could close, and closing doors, that no man could open!!  WOW!!!  Isn't HE amazing???  3 weeks later, we met with our new team of Surgeons.  Skilled, educated, and shared a whole wealth of knowledge that even the 1st team didn't share with us. My new plastic surgeon was  highly recommended by another friend earlier in the process. But the oncology surgeon from the 1st team, only wanted to work with certain plastic surgeons, and he wasn't one of them. So, I know that the Lord was planning for this team to take care of me, and trust that this is the path that HE had planned for us. We are blessed beyond measure. Before meeting them, they already had a surgery date scheduled in for us.  October 16th.  Although it isn't MUCH sooner than the 28th, it is EXACTLY where the LORD wants us to be, and that's all that matters. Thank U, Lord Jesus...for the people you've placed in our lives in the exact moments, exact time, which is all in your timing... Thank you for guiding, providing, and calming our hearts, and still abundantly filling us with your JOY through all of this.  We praise you, we bless you, we honor you and give you thanks for all that you have been giving us, even when we don't realize or appreciate it. You are always in our midst, and that should be enough for us to be thankful for.  Please continue to bless my family and friends who continue to lift us up in prayer, and supports us through this process.  In Jesus Name I pray!!  AMEN!!! 

One thing I am continuously reminded of, is that "IF CAN, CAN... IF NO CAN, JESUS CAN!!!!!"  Praise Be To GOD!!!! 

Blessings ~
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"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." ~1 Cor 13:13~