October 2, 2013

Card For Commissioning Ceremony

Aloha!!  Happy Wednesday!!  It is hump day ALREADY!!!  Well, yesterday, my hubby and I were blessed to be able to attend the Commissioning Ceremony of a brother in Christ.  It was AWESOME!!!  It was the 2nd military ceremony I've attended, but the 1st for my hubs.  We both had a wonderful time, because we were able to spend time with our brother in Christ.  We were so proud of his accomplishments, and watching him up there on stage, just how we knew that he was there only because of 1 reason... JESUS CHRIST!!!!  Thank U, Jesus!!! We were also graced with the blessing of being able to see his wife again (she left earlier to head to the mainland and be with her parents, because her daddy was dying).  So it was nice to see her, even if it was only for a short, short while. 

I created this card for him, using Stampin' Up! digital images. Did you know that Stampin' Up! sells digital images?? I love creating with digital images not only because 1) they are 1/2 the price of regular stamps, 2) they save on storage space, 3) you can easily re-size the image to ANY size that you possibly want without disturbing the quality of the image, 4) Instant gratification of receiving the images right then and there to download to your computer as soon as you place your order. No waiting for the mail to arrive. I used my laser printer to print these, but have used my ink jet printer as well. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding Stampin' Up! digital images. This set is called "The Open Seas". It worked perfect for the type of card I was creating for a brother in Christ, who is in the Navy, and was celebrating his promotion. Had a lot of fun creating this one. Then again, I always enjoy creating!!

The inside of the card... I used "Our Daily Bread" stamp for the inside.  If you are on Oahu, you can find Our Daily Bread stamps sold at J's Knicknack's.  

Hope this inspires U to create and try out the digital images that Stampin' Up! sells. You can easy tell if a stamp set is a digital set, because in the catalog there would be a small cloud like shape next to the stamp set cost, with the letters "mds" in the cloud. This means that is able to use with the my digital studio program. Let me make it clear to you that you do NOT need to purchase the MDS to use these digital images. You can easily use them in ANY program that can open jpegs, jpgs or png images. Some programs are as follows: Photo Shop Elements, WORD, Paintshop... basically any photo editing program, and any other program that can again, open these type of files. Stampin' Up! even allows you to download a free set to try out for yourself to see how you like it.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting.  Tomorrow, I will be at the News station, shooting for an Ad Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness!!  Praise the Lord!!  I am excited about the whole thing... please continue to keep me in prayer.  Thank U again for spending part of your day with me... I will post some pictures of today's event on Sunday during my "Week in Review" post.  ALOHA!!!!

Blessings ~
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