September 28, 2013

Week In Review - Part 1 (Wwarning: Long Review)

Good Morning Saturday Friends!!!

I am so sorry that I haven't posted anything this entire week.  But that is because I didn't create anything either.  I had such a long and busy week... and so I am going to share with you what I did now...

On Monday, we went in to see our new team of surgeons.  After meeting each of them, we knew, knew, knew in our hearts that they were absolutely whom the Lord was guiding us to go see.  So many doors have opened up for us to see these doctors, and God is so faithful to what He promises!!  They kindly asked other patients to move their appointments so that they could accommodate us.  They literally gave us more attention in 3 weeks, than the previous surgeons did in 4 months!!!   So all went well with the new surgeons.  After meeting them, we called the old surgeons to basically "fire" them.  Oncology Surgeon's admin was nice, and polite about it.  Plastic Surgeon admin tells us that there is a $100 cancellation fee.  WOW!!!  After THEY cancelled us from TWO previous surgery dates??  They initially scheduled a surgery date of October 28th, then rescheduled to October 4th, only to call back a week later telling me it had to move back to October 28th!  3 weeks later, they called again, said they were able to move surgery up to October 7th, only to call me back the VERY NEXT DAY to say that they needed to put me back to the original surgery date of October 28th!!!  Ugh!!  Very frustrating, but I knew that it was all in the Lord's hands.  I was just caught off guard that they wanted to charge ME a cancellation fee after cancelling me twice.  Geez... how about me charging THEM a cancellation fee, right??  Disgusted. 

However, it all worked out well.  Because they had me planned for the 28th of October, my OB said it was waaaay to far, and suggested that I go and seek another team that would be able to take me earlier.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!  It was for that very reason, that HE allowed the date to be so far away, so that I had the chance and opportunity to meet the new team.  GOD IS GOOD!!!  Thank U, JESUS!!!! 

So fast forward, now we met with the new surgeons on Monday, and Dr. Oncology says that I need to do an MRI, so that she can see what is going on with my left breast.  Hallelujah!!  The other dr's didn't check the left.  And I was always wondering about that.  But this Dr wanted to check to be sure, because her treatment plan is based on it.  I tell ya, the Lord knew!!!  :) 

On Wednesday, I was scheduled for my first MRI ever!!  I also felt that the Lord had finally told me that it was "OK" for me to share my story... and this is what I've posted on my facebook to friends and family:

***My dearest FB family n' friends, on June 27th of this year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer (DCIS). My 1st mammogram took place this year. Thus, the tumor was found at an early stage, in my right breast. I Praise God for my supportive husband and children that remind me of how beautiful life is, and how each of us are a blessing that the Lord created. I Praise God for the guidance that He has given me and my family, in the clear direction in which we are to take. I Praise God, for our family and friends, that have come along side us, in support and in prayer, and continues to lift us up during this trial. Know that this isn't something that the Lord has "given" to me, however, it is something HE is allowing me to go through. He has brought me to it, and HE will bring me THROUGH it!!! Today I go in for an MRI, to check if there are any tumor(s) in my left breast. I then go into surgery on the 16th of October. It is COUNTDOWN from here on, and with October being breast cancer awareness month, how fitting, isn't it?? I am posting about my journey, because I want to share with those that are also going through this disease (or any other disease, for that matter), and also for those that are family or friends of the person with the disease, that there is ALWAYS hope, in Christ Jesus, who is my Lord and Savior. That through this, the Lord will see all of us through it... Believe or not, it may sound crazy to you, {but not-so-crazy to those that know me...} I can honestly say that I am truly excited to see what has, and what is taking place. The lives that the Lord is touching because of this, the doors that has been opening, and the opportunity to share HIS peace, HIS joy, HIS comfort, HIS strength with others!!! That is exciting to me!!! Thus, I ask you to rejoice with me, in knowing that HE is in control, and His plans are the plans that will take place... and whatever happens is the best plan that HE has chosen for ME. The Lord says to "Rejoice in the Lord, Always, Again, I say, REJOICE!!!!" ~Philippians 4:4~ I pray that you are blessed by my journey, and that you ask Jesus to be your Lord n' Savior, and you will see how a MESS turns into a MESSAGE, a TEST into a TESTIMONY, a TRIAL into TRIUMPH, and a VICTIM into VICTORY!!!!! Ladies, remember to give yourself self breast exams monthly, go to your mammogram test, and men, please remind your precious ladies that you love to do so!!! Everyone is effected in one way or another. Thank U for reading.....May you have a blessed day, in Jesus!!!***

I then headed to my MRI appointment.  Here is a picture of that morning's Downtown Honolulu skyline... It was a beautiful morning, indeed!!  


Took this pic right after I got changed into my hospital uniform....  Sporting the newest temporary wardrobe I'll be using encounter over n over again... I told my MRI tech, May, "Can I have one that's not faded?" Cause we all know that the blood of Jesus is full of color and a never faded one!! She then asked, "do u have any questions or concerns?", I said, "ya, can u call me "Jen"?. She started cracking up.... and said, "your only concern is that I call u "Jen"?.. I said, "Das all, everything else, God already took care of". Praising God, for bringing another person into my life to pray for!! Thank U Lord, that it is an easy name to remember!!!!

They used this to mark the spot of where the tumor was located on my breast.... a fellow crafty sister says its called "feducials".  I thought it kinda looked like a Certs candy.  Others said it looked like a bobbin, or lifesaver. :) 

My face after the MRI... looks like I just woke up!!  LOL!!! It was quite the experience. I remember different sounds of buzzing, knocking, and beeping, but it wasn't too loud, as I've heard other people experienced... the funny thing is... they don't allow anyone else to be in the room while u are being scanned in the MRI machine.... but Jesus was there with me the entire time!!! They couldn't keep HIM out!!!! LOL!! No noise could penetrate HIS soft still voice, as HE whispered to me gently, and sat next to me, holding my hand. Before I knew it, it was all done, and my eyebrows didn't even wipe off!!! Praise The Lord!!!

My sons were with me that day.  They also had a dentist appointment scheduled, so I just pulled them outtah school and had them come with me before their appointments.  Here they were walking in front of me, as we left the hospital.  1st of many visits, I imagine....

This is a beautiful hospital!!  There were several movies that were filmed here.  I believe "Descendants" with George Clooney was one of them.  Also several episodes of "Lost" as well.  But those don't make it the reason why it is so beautiful.  It is beautiful because it is actually a landmark in the history of Oahu.  It was founded in 1859 by Queen Emma and King Kamehameha IV.

In King Kamehameha IV's initial speech to the legislature in 1854, the King voiced his desire to create a hospital for the people of Hawaii. At that time, the continued existence of the Hawaiian race was seriously threatened by the influx of disease brought to the islands by foreign visitors. Queen Emma enthusiastically supported the dream of a hospital, and the two campaigned tirelessly to make it a reality. They personally went door-to-door soliciting the necessary funding. The royal couple exceeded their goal in just over a month, raising $13,530. In turn, the Legislature appropriated $6,000.

Through six generations, The Queen's Medical Center has become a major provider of health care to the people of our State and a part of the cultural fabric of Hawaii.

Thank U for stopping by today!!  I will share more of my week tomorrow (Part 2). 

Blessings ~
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"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." ~1 Cor 13:13~