September 22, 2013

Week In Review.... 9-22-13

Hey gang... sorry, I didn't get to do a "Week in Review" last Sunday.  I didn't take much pics throughout the week, so didn't have nothing much to share.  I usually take pics when I go out and have lunch with my girlfriends, but 2 weeks ago, I pretty much stayed at home.  This week, I have a couple of pics to share, and a video at the end of the blog post as well...  so, I hope you enjoy this post, and hope that you enjoy catching up with what is going on with me n' the ohana. 

Last week Sunday, at church, I had to capture this beautiful creation that my pastor's wife made.  She is so crafty... love her so much!!  She took an old surfboard (which it really didn't look very old), and used chalkboard paint to create a chalk board panel on the surfboard.  Our pastor is also a surfer, and a lot of surfers also attends our church, so it was very fitting to create something like this.  Isn't she brilliant???  LOVE IT!!!  I bet if I got me a gallon of chalkboard paint, there'd be a bunch of things I could chalkboard up, right??  I don't think I would've thought of painting up an old surfboard though.  But what an awesome idea, because it went from something old to something NEW!!!  :) 

While out grocery shopping at Don Quijote (formerly known as Daiei), I spotted one of these.  LOL!!!  Hawaii people kinda going over board with this, don't cha think?  I didn't buy it, nor do I want to taste Mac Nuts tasting like SPAM!!  But I thought that it was pretty neat to share with all of you, and my FB friends.  FUNNY!!!

Here is my Bella-boo sleeping... so sleeps like a human!!!  Such a cutie pie!!!  She always sleeps on her back.  :) 

My SIL in WA celebrated another birthday... and I sent her these goodies.... she took these pics when she received them.  I haven't been in touch with this SIL for more than a decade, due to a fall out between her and my hubby.  But the Lord has healed that relationship, and Praise God, we are able to go pass all that, because HE has forgiven our sins, and holds no condemnation upon us.  We gotta just move on, and love on each other, and share the love of Christ.  Too many people are caught up with pointing fingers, and blaming each other, and families are the best at doing this.  But Praise God for HIS everlasting love, to humble us and remind us that HE took all that bitter, anger, and disappointment to the cross with HIM... why would we still be holding on to all that?  If that is the case, then HE went to the cross for NOTHING.  So, praising the LORD for all the healing of love that he has healed with this relationship, and now it's time to catch up and send her goodies to celebrate her being here with us on Earth.  Thank U, Jesus!!!! 
A lot of those goodies I've found at my new *favorite* store, TJ Maxx!! 

The lunch of the week was spent with my girlfriend, and sister in Christ, Ann... love this lady!!!  We decided on having Filipino food, and ate at Thelma's Filipino Restaurant located in Waipahu.

We ordered Pork Gisantes, Rice, Chicken Adobo and 3 Banana Lumpias for dessert.  Funny thing is, we asked for 4 banana lumpias, and the waitress says, "OK".  The basket came with only 3 banana lumpias.  We then asked our waitress what happened to our 4th lumpia, because we only got 3, when we ordered 4?  She says, "the order only comes with 3"..... ugh!!  Not that we needed more to eat, but it would've been good to know that before hand.  Duh!!!  Nonetheless, it was still ONOLICIOUS to the tummy!!!! 

That very same evening that I went to lunch with Ann, I was in charge of the concession stand at my son's volleyball game, and the family we partnered with thought that we should have a "Filipino Food" night.  I rushed home to make Pork Gisantes and Rice for that!!!  LOL!!!  Here's a pic of the yummy pot of gold.... 

My girlfriend, and sister in Christ, Ali and her daughter Cailyn came out and supported us this evening!!  It was such a sweet surprise!!! They are both growing up so quickly!!! 

On Saturday, the boys had a dentist appointment, and their dentist is near Leonard's Bakery in Kapahulu.  Of course, I just HAD to stop by and grab us some malasadas, and to bless the office staff of our dentist as well.  We love them so much!!  :)  Here is a pic of my little one with the boxes of malasadas!!!

And as promised, a video to end this blog post... this video is to share with you some Kanikapila Christian style... Aunty Noe leads us in singing Happy Birthday to Caleb, Chazz and CCCS volleyball team prays over Caleb, and Aunty Noe leads in worship to the Lord Jesus Christ, "Here I Am To Worship"... I am singing harmony with Aunty Noe.  Enjoy!!!!

Thank You for spending a little bit of your day here with me.  May you be blessed, and may you have an awesome week!!!  Today, my MIL will be coming over, so gotta hurry and clean house fast kine...  :)  Tomorrow, we meet with a new set team of surgeons!!  The Lord has been opening doors, that only HE can open, and we are excited to meet with them.  Will post and let ya all know from there what happens.  

Aloha n' Blessings ~
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"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." ~1 Cor 13:13~