September 8, 2013

2 CASED Stampin' Up! Easy Events Cards and Review of The Week!!

Aloha Friends!!!

I thought that Sunday's would be a great day to share how my week went, so expect Sunday's posts to be much longer posts. 

Let me first tell you about my projects.  I've CASED the both of these cards.  They look pretty much the same, I just love it's simplicity.  The card I cased can be found here

The stamps are from the same Stampin' Up! set called "Easy Events".  Real simple and sweet to create.  :)  The heart punch is a retired punch, and thought it did great to replace the original one.   The author of the blog I CASED the cards from writes that the card was actually a sample she saw at a Stampin' Up! convention.  :) As you can see, they are designed with the same layout, just different image.  That is why I liked this layout - it works great with various images.   All products are of Stampin' Up!  Here is the other card I made....  I love using dimensional to add height to the cards.  :)

Now for my week in review... this was an exciting, busy but short week!!!  Here's all that has happened....

My Hubby and I celebrated our 19th year anniversary!!!  Praise the Lord... here is our pic of us on our wedding day:

Us today!!  

The Lord has been soooo good to us!!  Blessing us through trials after trials, and preparing us mentally, spiritually, and physically to challenge the tasks that He has in mind for us.  I couldn't ask for a better warrior than this man here.  He will lay his life on the line for me and his children if they come with spears.  He will stand up and rise before anyone if they will attack me with words.  He is my knight in shinning armor.  He is the Godly Man that the Lord has selected for ME and me alone!!!  I am so very BLESSED to be chosen as his bride.  Thank U, Jesus... Thank YOU, ABBA, my Heavenly Father, whom has blessed me so abundantly by allowing me to be my husband's helper, and only through the LORD all of this is possible!!!  So Thank U! Thank U!!  To God be the GLORY!!!!  AMEN!!! 

We took the kids out to celebrate our Anniversary!!  The food was sooo yummy, but I only took 1 pic, because I was so hungry.  LOL!! We went to a Japanese restaurant. The pic of this is just an appetizer, which was Crusted Ahi... oh look at that yummmm... 

Funny thing is, the reason why we went to this Japanese restaurant (Ichiriki at Pearlridge Phase 3) is because we were there for date night 2 nights ago with our friends Fabe n' Mona!!  Oh soooo delicious!!!  Love those guys!!! 

The very next day, my kids went back to school.  Here is Cy, now in the 4th grade!!  So proud of this munchkin!! 

And with some of his classmates....

Sometime during the week, I've received my Magnetic Platform from Stampin' Up!  Yay!!!  This is regularly priced at $39.99, and I got it for half price!!!  Email me or comment me, if you are interested in how I got this at 50% off!!!  I love this platform, and WASN'T planning on getting it, but since I got it for 50% off, it was a DEAL!!!!!

My Bello-Boo at 13 Weeks old!!  Playing with a candy wrapper... and no, she didn't eat the candy!!! 
Ceasar not amused by Bella..

Roses I received at Pali Momi while visiting with my friend n' volunteer of American Cancer Society.  Soooo pretty!!!

And a video game I bought my hubby, was "just because", but since it was just our anniversary the other day, we can call it an anniversary gift.  :) 

Last but not least... Hello Kitty stuffed animals that made me smile and think of my crafty friends... Colleen, Teri n' Claudie.  They are super cool, aren't they??  :)
Well, that is all I have for today, which is A LOT, right??  I pray that your week is a blessed one!!  Thanks for visiting with me today, and taking time out of your day to view all my pics!!!  ALOHA and God Bless!!!

Blessings ~
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