June 24, 2013

Decorated Wedding Frame and What I Did This Weekend

Aloha Friends!  How was your weekend?  Mines was rather busy.  Our colds have been slowly going away.  In the mornings, I would have a dry and sore throat.  But I quickly realize that to get rid of the pain and dryness, just sip down a nice warm cup of water or green tea.  That has been helping me get through these last couple of days.

I have been watching my gf's kids last week, because their gramma was in the hospital.  It was fun, but busy.  Took them to the movies to watch "Monster's University".  It was a fun movie, but I found myself trying to remember the previous movie "Monster's Inc", since it came out so long ago!  I was thinking that I'd better go find that DVD and play it to see if I can "match up" the movies together.  We also had a water day, and then a day for just relaxing and doing nothing.  Summer is here.  There are so many things to do, but I want to not spend so much money doing it.  And when we are out n' about, we always end up going through the drive thru, and getting something quick, or somewhere else to pick up bento lunches. Here is a pic of the kids at the movie theater. 

On Saturday, I attended my 2nd week of Watercolor Painting class. I am loving it, and learning a lot of techniques that we also do in the stamp world, and can also be applied to stamping.  Can't wait to share some of them.  Last week, we did a painting of a vase with flowers.  There wasn't anything for us to follow, the teacher said to just paint a vase that we had in mind, and the flowers to flow through.  I was thinking tulips, but not quite tulips... here's my painting from last week.  I am still working on the painting from this past Saturday's class, so I am not ready to post it just yet.  I wanted to take this class to learn more about coloring and shadowing, but I see that my inner "drawing" skills are also coming out. :) The teacher is a sister in Christ, so makes it even more fun to learn from someone I know.  She does a lot of Hawaiiana artwork.  If you are interested in checking out her artwork, or perhaps would like to invest in an artwork of hers, and hang it up in your house, you can visit and view them at www.artworkbyannhawaii.com.

After church on Sunday, I was planning on having my sister visit and check out my pond.  Well, I also invited Ann and her family, and then my brother in Christ, Joshtin and his roommate.  We had a good enough spread of Steak, Chicken, Salads and Fruits.  But the Portabella Mushrooms were a hit.  It was such a blessing to have a BBQ, and it forced the family to clean the house!!  AMAZING! I should have a BBQ every weekend if that is the case!  :) 

Now it is another week, and I am in search of challenges out there.  So that my creativity mojo can continue to flow.  Today I am sharing with ya'll this adorable frame that I decorated for the wedding I worked on.  The frame was a surprise from the bride's mother and father.  I used a free SVG that I found on SVG.com.  Here is how it turned out:

The font is called "Cheri" font, and I downloaded it from a free site, and cut them all on my eClips machine using the eCal program.  :)  This was a very sweet project I got to work on.  Praise God!!  Cardstock, and Pearls are from Stampin' Up!

Time to start my day... hope you have a blessed week.  Aloha!!

Blessings ~
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