March 4, 2013

Winner of Blog Candi Blessings Day 4 & Pics From This Weekend

Well gang, it was a short but fun week of birthday celebrating... here is the winner of Day 4's giveaway:

Beautiful card! Love the message inside. :)

I still have plenty of goodies to give away, so I will have to think up something to do, or maybe have a give away random kine!  That would be fun, huh??  

Anyways, hope your weekend was a grand one... here's what went on with me:

On Thursday... took my son driving, for the 1st time evah!  He got his permit sometime last year, and we finally found a day that we could go out for a drive.  Just his 1st lesson, in getting used to the car, and all the things that it does.  We stayed only in the parking lot of someplace in Kapolei.  It was fun, and we're looking forward to more drives together.  :) 

Friday morning, I went to the oral surgeon to remove the medicated gauze that they stuffed in the holes of where my wisdom teeth stood.  Then I met up and had coffee with my sister in Christ, Lulu!  It was a beautiful morning, indeed!!  Thank You, Jesus!!!

Saturday was finally the day of the Baby Shower that I have been helping my next door neighbor prepare for her garndbaby's arrival.  Fun to set up.  It was a crazy windy day, but so cute how the butterflies on the balloon ribbon looked like they were "fluttering" along.

Friday night, my family took me out to eat, in celebration of my birthday... we love to eat!!!  

I had to have the lasagna, cause my mouth of course isn't fully healed yet! :)  Soft food diet!!! LOL...

I got my nails done, and found out my girlfriend also had the same designed placed on her nails.  She saw mines the day before, and wanted to copy.  :) 

This past weekend was also the 1st weekend that my youngest did a sleep over at his friends house.  Some kids don't make it through the night, and want to come home before they even get to sleep over.  This kid didn't even want to come home!!!  LOL!!!  They loved having him over, and have welcomed him to come over again.  I'm so relieved that he had a great time over his friends house!!!

After church on Sunday, we went to Island's Restaurant in Ala Moana to enjoy yet another Birthday celebration.  This time, together with one of our sisters in Christ...  her birthday was on Sunday!! 

The more the merrier to celebrate a week, right? 

Well, my gums are healing better now.  And I need to really get back to business in cleaning up this house.  After the weekend, it always seems like a hurricane ran through it.  Well, I was able to to sneak in some "crafty" time on Sunday.  So I will get that posted tomorrow. 

Have a blessed day and week!!  Aloha....

Blessings ~
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