March 5, 2013

Digital Scrapbook Page - Women's Bible Study Kickoff Dinner

I need to get back into Digital Scrapbooking on a daily basis, again!!  Miss it!!  I know that I shouldn't spend too much time on it, but it feels like I could spend at least 2 hours on making it look "right".  I don't like it looking too simple, and I love to journal.  So... here's to getting my digital scrapbooking on the GO!! 

Last night was our 1st night out for my church's Women's Bible Study.  We are in between studies, so too kickoff a new study, we decided on having a little dinner out with the ladies.  We went to Big City Diners.  I had already eaten a Tuna sandwich, so I went for coffee and a plate of Fried Min Noodles.  Forgot to take a pic of my noodles, because I was so worried about the noodles getting stuck in any of my tooth hole.  LOL!  It wasn't the noodles that got stuck, but a bean sprout!!  LOL!!!  Here is a quick Digital page I created.... well, it took me about 45 minutes before saying, "ok pau!". 

Digital Elements are from Just So Scrappy 2!

Thanks for peeking!  Have a blessed day!! 

Blessings ~
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