March 1, 2013

Birthday Blog Candi Blessings - Day 4 and a Sympathy Card

Day 4!!  LOL!!  Still celebrating... it's been a fun couple of days, hasn't it??  I'm enjoying that I am getting to know you all a little more, and just being able to bless someone with a package of yummies is fun too!!!

Our winner from yesterday's draw is:

Congrats to Day 1 & Day 2 winners! Well, I've never really thought about it, but I would have to say when my MOM made me a surprise 40th Birthday Party at her house. I didn't suspect a thing and was totally surprised with all my family being there to celebrate. She said she wanted to do it because I had thrown her 2 surprise parties, one at her house and one at my house.
Aloha Hugs,

And here's what Day 4's blessings consists of:

(MISSING PICTURE!!!!! Because I took the picture, but when I transferred to my computer, I deleted by accident, but I had already packaged the yummies getting it ready for mailing!!)  Therefore, this is a "secret" package... TRUST that I have a package of yummies!!!  :)  

Just comment anything you wanna say... :)

Here's a project I have to share with ya... thought I'd post my project together with the giveaway.... easier to do!!  :)  A sympathy card I recently made for a dear brother that went home to be with our Lord!! 

 Thanks for peeking!!!

Blessings ~
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