February 7, 2013

Personalized Sponge Bob and Patrick Tote Bag

ALOHA!!!  It's ALOHA FRIDAY, and sorry, I don't have a video for today!!!  I know, I know, I have to get working on one.  This week has been kinda crazy!!!  The blinds in bathroom #1 came crashing down, as I tried to pull on the beaded cord.  I was planning on converting all blinds in our house to curtains, anyways, so I guess this was a great way to get me motivated!  I have finished with my craft area, but other projects that were priority had to get done prior to do my video!!  Thus, a no video on this Aloha Friday!!!  Booooo!!!! 

Well, I have some excitement for ya, though!! Ali and I are planning on challenge each other and doing a CASE challenge.  We thought it would be a great way to get us motivated and stay juiced up on our creativity.  Would you like to play along???  The 1st challenge begins next Wednesday, on the 13th of February, and it'll last for a WEEK... we will have a prize for 1 winner.  Like I said, I've cleaned out my area, and have some goodies to gift away.  So we hope you will find it a fun time to join us on the challenge when comes the day!!!  :) 

Ok, on to my project... here is a personalized tote bag that I created for my gf's daughter.  She turned 9 years old, and she loves Sponge Bob!!! So I thought it would make a great gift.  I've had these totes for the longest time!!!  I put the image together using Photo Shop Elements, and then printed it REVERSED on Transfer Paper, which I found in the office department of WalMart.  Printed, then ironed on to this tote bag.  Instructions is NOT to use the iron board, but a hard surfaced..... since we have tile flooring, I used my floor.  Wood flooring or a stool would work great too, depending on the size of the image you are transferring.

Here is a video of my lil' one, his 1st time on the ZIP LINE at the birthday party, which was held at a Gymnastics warehouse... lots of crazy jumping n' flyin' FUN!!!

Thanks for blessing me with your visit today!! 

Blessings ~
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