February 27, 2013

Masquerade Masks for Friends!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, my gf Ruby had asked me if I could help her with creating a mask for her n her hubs for a masquerade party they were invited to.  Of course I jumped on it!!!  :)  I was thinking of going to Party City, purchasing some feathers, and paint and, and, and.... then I thought, why not use what I already have ON HAND!!!  Right??  So quick to jump on wanting to purchase NEW things, but yet forget about using what I already HAVE!!!  So, I started looking online for mask ideas... I found a couple of SVGs to create masks, and then I found this blog post by Okie Ladybug, where she used the butterfly from the Indie Art Cricut Cartridge to create with!!!  Oh so pretty!!  So I CASED her work, and piggy backed on her idea.  I used the same butterfly, and created my gf's mask.  Then for her hubby's mask,I search online again for a mask that would be fairly masculine.  Kinda hard to find.... I wanted it to be nice looking, and not dorky looking.  So I found one that was in between, I call it the "stealth look"!!  LOL...  I cut the butterfly mask on my Cricut Cartridge using Cricut's Design Studio and Indie Art cartridge.  I cut the stealth mask on my eClips machine, using my eCal program.  So LOVE that I can utilize both machines for different reasons, yet the same!!!  KWIM? 

Thanks for peeking!!!!

  • Cardstock: Stampin' Up!
  • Butterfly Mask: Indie Art Cricut Cartridge, Cricut Machine and Cricut Design Studio
  • Stealth Mask: SVG Mask file, eClips Machine and eCal Program
  • Chopsticks for holding piece
  • Gold Stitched Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Sticklez
  • Jewels from Hero Arts
  • Paper Roses from All Natural Accents

Blessings ~
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