February 22, 2013

Busy Busy Busy Bee!!!

Hey Gang!!  Happy Aloha Friday!!  Well, I am done taking a video of my "organized" craft area, but there has been so much going on, I haven't had the time to edit it, just yet.  Thank You for being patient, I hope to have it up by next Friday. 

Well, here's a few things that have been occupying my time...

My sister is in town!!  Yay!!  Been spending some time with her and making use of that time by eating, hanging out, and talking stories with lots of laughs in between!!  Love this girl... 

One of the places we had breakfast at was YogurStory! Yummz!!  She loved it... the coffee... the red velvet waffles... the Loco Moco... all so very yum!! 
on the 10th of February, I helped the keikis (kids) of our church create these cute butterflies and flower lollipops as a Valentine Day craft project.  It was really fun and neat to see the kids love on making these projects.  Esp the part where they get to eat the lollipop!  I don't think anyone actually made it far enough to take home and give to someone else.  haha!!  That day, my lil' one was sick (and he still has his cough), and he didn't get to go to church, so I had to hurry home as soon as I was done with helping the keikis.  :)  Here are a couple of pictures taken the day before, when he was able to help me create some samples. 

You can get these cut outs from Skip To My Lou blog.

I also helped one of my girlfriend's move from one city to another... it was a fun day, but the next day I was in pain! Back ache, neck ache, and just tired!  LOL!!!

On Valentine's, me n' my boys went to dinner at Tadashi, a sushi joint near our home town.  YUMMERZ!!!! 

Then we went out for ice cream...  yes, we went all out!!!  LOL!!!
My dad's 75th birthday was the very next day... so MORE eating!!!  :)
We went to visit Gramma on his birthday, and she got a kick outtah my phone being able to take pics of herself, and seeing herself in the "camera" before it was even taken.  Pretty neat to watch that fascination.  My sister and I had a lot of fun together with Gramma.

I also worked on a sympathy card for a dear brother, that went to be with our Lord!  Will share the completed project in a later post!  But here is what I was cutting on my machine....

And currently, I am in a midst of creating 40 Baby Shower Favors for my next door neighbor.  But here were the samples I created before the completed project.  Will share the completed project in another post later. 

Yep!!  Craziness right now...  I pray that you and your family are having a great time, and if you are going crazy as well, I pray that it is a fun kinda crazy!!!! 

Enjoy your weekend!!! Happy Crafting!!!! 

Blessings ~
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