February 28, 2013

Birthday Blog Candi Blessings - Day 3!!

Hey all... so sorry, so late this morning with posting this!!!  Yesterday got busy!!  I went down to my Oral Surgeon to have madicated strips inserted into the holes of where my wisdom teeth were.  Apparently, I have developed a "dry socket"... yuck and sore!!! 

Well, let's just get to the fun!!  Winner of yesterday's Blessing was:

Ofcause you don´t feel like 40. I´m almost 55 now, and I still feel like I´m 15, except from some stupid bones, butr hey, one at 15 can also have some weak bones, it has nothing to do with age right? ha ha ha.
I admit, I´m not too keen on any cakes, but preffer some exiting special types of bread with cheese or some kind of desserts instead, so I could make some fromages or icecream or anything ,like that instead of cakes, so it´s NOT because I wount eat anything sweet he he he.
Congrats to Deb for winning yesterdays prize, and thanks to you Jen for the chance here. You are so generous. Hope the rest of the week will be really fun and exiting too.

Also, Deb hasn't claimed her prize yet!!!  So if she doesn't claim it by the end of today, I will pull another winner (from day 1).  

Here's what's up for grab for Day 3!!!  :)  Thank U all for playing along.  

 These are all brand new goodies, just waiting to go to a new home!!!  

Please comment and share with me your favorite birthday memory..... down memory lane!!! 

Blessings ~
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