February 27, 2013

Birthday Blog Candi Blessings - Day 2!!

Hey Gang!! 

So much fun yesterday, reading what you're favorite thing to do on your birthday is!!!  Here is our winner from yesterday's pull:

Happy 40th Jen!! I hope you enjoy the whole week of celebrating, why just have one day!!! Two of my best friends & my birthday are all a week apart, so we like to go out to eat, sometime during that time, and it's one of the few times all three of us are able to get together!!!! I wish you a year full of Blessings!!! Deb

Congrats, Deb!!!  I totally enjoy eating too!!!  It's too bad that I just pulled my wisdoms, that I can't really enjoy a YUMMY full plate of a birthday meal.  I've asked the hubs if I could have a "rain check".  Funny what my gf, Jan Scholl said... ."if you're 40, then I'm.... OMG"!  LOL... that's how I feel when I hear about my niece's birthday.  I don't feel 40... I don't really know what 40 supposed to feel like, anyways!  LOL!!  

Well, let's get on to Birthday Blog Candi Blessings - Day 2!!!  Here's what's up for grabs...  Leave me a comment, and share with me what your favorite type of cake is... and if you don't like cake, what do you substitute in it's place instead?  

Bunch of Oldies But Goodies!!!  Missing from pic is a pack of Brown Prima Flowers!!!!  These are Yummies from my online store that I previously ran.  Just trying to bless others with it, so that it doesn't continue to sit in my humble abode.  :)  May it find it's way to YOUR crafty area!!!  

Thanks again for celebrating my special day with me... Aloha!!! 


Blessings ~
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