February 23, 2013

A Sewing Project and a Little Bit of Journaling of Yesterday (2-22-13)

Good Morning Saturday!!!  And what a Good Morning it is indeed!!!  Thank You, Jesus!!  Yesterday, I went in to the Oral Surgeon for an emergency extraction.  If you remember, I have been having problems with the last 2 wisdom teeth that I had on the bottom jaw.  I don't know why I've kept them in for so long.  The dentist that I used to go to said that I should just leave it in if it wasn't bothering me.  But that wasn't the point, it was bothering me, and I wanted to get INVISALIN, and with these 2 wisdom teeth in, then it would be difficult for me to go ahead with that procedure!   Anyways, long story short, I ended up going to another dentist, much closer to my home, and he referred me to an Oral Surgeon that he usually refers people to.... and boy was I surprised meeting this doc.  He was CONFIDENT that he would be able to get those teeth out, and that I would no longer be in pain and discomfort.  He was confident that I wouldn't feel any pain during the procedure... and he was RIGHT!!  I first went in for consultation, at 11am yesterday.  Nervous, but excited to finally be getting this done!!! Here is the view I had of the waiting room while waiting for my consultation. 

You can imagine my excitement when I was then told to pick up my meds, and come back at 3:40 pm for the procedure to begin!! I was still a bit nervous, but yet, the excitement of knowing these beasts will be removed was what I was so thrilled about!!!  I headed to WalMart and picked up my meds:
No, that's not me... I'm the one taking the picture! :) 

Well, when I got to the oral surgeon's office, I was READY!!  Waited for about 30 mins, because I was 30m ins early, they then took me in, walked me through the procedure what was to happen, and what I could expect to happen after the procedure was done.  :)  I was given the option to listen to my music, so they gave me headphones to put on, and I played my Jesus Culture album.  The numbing needles went in, and cracking and drilling, and praying was going on.  I remember looking into the eyes of my doctor and his assistant, and just praying over them, and how much of the Joy of the Lord was over filling me, I couldn't help but smile and giggle through some of the time.  I thank Jesus, and all those that were praying for me during that time... God is Good!!! 

When I went home, I could feel the numbness wearing off.  I iced my jaw as instructed, and took my meds.  I was a little restless, because the Motrin I was taking wasn't giving me as much ease and I hoped it would.  They also gave me Vicodin.  But I refused to take it, because I've seen how that medication had an effect on my hubby years ago.  I decided to pop 3 Tylenols instead.  I felt a lot better after that.  I finally went to bed around 12:30 am, slept in a semi-upright position. 

This morning, surprisingly, I am in NO pain what-so-ever!!!  My gosh!!! For real!!  I do feel that my jaw was bruised, but the pain that I was experiencing yesterday has diminished!!  Wow!!!  I still need to take my meds for swelling and eat mush for the next couple days.  But am so thrilled that the pain in my jaw isn't as bad as it was yesterday.  Thank You, Lord!!!! 

So today...  I can continue on with ding the things that must be done around the house, and on my craft table!!  I am excited about all that.  :)  So Finally, I share with you, my project for today...

This is kinda funny!!  I like to occasionally put a t-shirt on my lil' 5 pounder doggie, Ceasar.  But I find that the doggie cloths can be so expensive.  Don't you agree?  Well, one day when I was talking with my hubby about this issue, he suggested that I purchase Newborn Onesies, and cut them, then sew to make lil' cute tees!!  So that's exactly what I did!!!  I purchased these cute onesies, which were on sale... I think only $2 for this pack.  :)  From WalMart.  I brought them home, and showed the hubs, and told him I was going to do what he suggested.  He was pretty surprised that I took his advice.  He goes, "do you even know how to sew?"....  LOL!!!  I giggled walking away.  He doesn't remember that I had purchased a Brother sewing machine years ago... oh I mean, he doesn't remember that HE purchased this machine for me years ago!! 

It was fairly simple to do.  Just cut and sew up a hem on the new tee....

After sewing it, here's how it looked on my munchkin after putting it on!  So Cute!!

 He doesn't look thrilled in the photo.  But believe me... with all this rainy weather, I KNOW he is happy!!  LOL!!!

Ok, well, that was my craft share for the day, and a little journaling of yesterday's big event!!  I pray that you have a blessed Saturday and weekend with family and friends!! 


Blessings ~
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