January 8, 2013

Sakura Decorated Acrylic Air-Tight Containers

 Hey Gang!!  Happy Tuesday!!  Well, my Monday yesterday started off pretty good.  I like to do my house chores on Monday, and try to get them done before the weekend.  But somehow, towards the middle of the week, I don't want to do any more house chores!  I wanna throw in the towel, and just CREATE to my every hearts content!!  **sigh** Yea, ain't gonna happen!!!  Everyday there are dishes, everyday there is at least 1 load in the wash, and everyday, there is always a corner in my house to de-clutter.  I got to do some laundry, the dishes and even got to create a card for the upcoming Clear Dollar Digital Stamp Release (coming on the 15th of January).  I was "trying" to do a video, which I think will be a whole lot fun to do, but when I reviewed the video, I sounded kinda weird, and nervous!!  Me???  Nervous???  Yes...  so that video that I did, ain't gonna be posted.  Hah!!  I was making all kine mistakes, and had to redo the scene.  Crazy!!  Well, I'm gonna try and put a video together anyways, and see how it works out, and you can see how I go to work and put my ideas into paper.  It is only going to be something fun for me to do....

Another thing I was thinking of was having a BLOG Candi Giveaway!!!  It has been a while since I've had one of those... and I still have tons of goodies to give away.  What do you think?  Should I do one??  Ok... I will!!  :)  I'll gather a bunch of goodies to do a giveaway... hmmm, let's call it a "Happy New Year 2013 Blog Candi Giveaway!!!".  Maybe I'll do it this Friday?  Well, stay tuned, I will keep you posted.

MY PROJECT: The project I have posted today are of these acrylic containers that I found at WalMart.  I decorated them using vinyl from Glue Arts.  They have various colored vinyl, available in 12x12", which makes it perfect for my Cricut and eClips Machines.  The cartridge that I used was the "Pagoda" cartridge for the Sakura Flower and Tree.  Most of our church family received this gift, within it, yummy local kine snacks!!!  :)

I'm almost done with sharing all of my created Christmas projects.  I hope you're not getting bored with them.  But please continue to return, and see what it is that I will have for Blog Candi Giveaway.  Thanks again for stopping by.  Have a blessed Tuesday!!  Aloha!!

Blessings ~
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