January 17, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day... a Tiddly Inks Creation (and pics of Papayas too!!)

Howdy!!!  It's almost the end of the week... how fast time flies!!!  ***WAIT STOP!!! I wrote this post on Thursday, 1/10/13!!!  Just wanted to note this down, for future references.  Ok... you may continue!!!***  Yesterday, right after I dropped the boys off to school, I knew that I needed to head down to the store and pick up milk and eggs.   I got into the store, and the 1st person I see is a friend of mines from church!  We used to serve lunch together.  :)  Talking stories, and catching up, cause we always see each other in passing, but never had a chance to talk stories and such.  Then out of the corner of my eye... who do I see approaching me... Lu-Lu!!!  LOL!!! Funny...  the Lord knows I just need that girl in my life!  So we all 3 start talking stories, and doing small talk.  Then we must be on our merry way, and go about our shopping.  After we were all done with getting our items, we all meet up again at the cashier stand!!!  Bwahahahaa...  we bid each other good bye... and then it was time to start our busy day!!

I headed back home... threw a load in the wash (my goal this year is to at least throw 1 load in the wash daily!!  There is always something to wash, and I don't want to wait til' the weekend to do them.  The weekends are so busy with my boys, and if we're not out of the house, I want to play and create all day and not have to worry about doing house chores.  Heh! I took care of the dogs, then tended to the flowers in my garden.  Some of them are dying since it is *wind-ter* here.  I just pulled and cut off all the dead leaves, and then watered my yard.  I have a bunch of papayas growing now... and 2 eggplants growing nicely too.  Couple of the papayas are almost ready to pick, don't ya think?  I wanted to know when it was time to pick a papaya.. did a search on google, and got this page. I read up on the papayas and found some interesting things about it.  Did you know that papayas are either male, female or hermaphrodite?!!!  Sounds crazy right?  Very interesting!!! This is my 1st batch of papayas, so I'm probably going to give the 1st of them to my mom and dad.  I know they will be pretty stoked to see that their youngest child had planted a papaya tree all on her own, and now producing her own papayas!!  LOL!!  Funny, but really, they will be really happy to hear and see that my papayas are huge and yummy to eat!!! 


Ok, so I am now posting my project pretty last minute this morning!!  This week, I have been doing quite a few things last minute.  See... some days I can be "on time" and organized, and then there are days like today... where I am posting and trying to type as quick as possible before I am pulled away to do something... like I am just about to do right now!  YIKES! 

Ok, I had to drop the boys off to school!!  On to my project before something else comes up!! 

Valentine's is right around the corner, but LOVE should be celebrated EVERYDAY!!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  On this project, I used a Tiddly Inks digital stamp.    I then cut the image out, and applied foam tape to the back of it, so that it is raised a little from the actual card.  I love it, because it creates a natural shadow of the image... very cool!!!  The sentiment, I am sorry, but I don't know where it is from.  There could've been sooo much more that I could've done to this card.  But wanted to keep it simple, because this was one of the cards that went to my card ministry for ATP Hawaii Ministries.  I colored the image with my copic markerss, and it was a pretty easy card to complete.  So, yea! 

Ok, that is that.  Thanks for stopping by, don't forget I have BLOG CANDI to give away!!!  It ends tomorrow, so get your name on here for a chance at winning!!!

Blessings ~
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