January 7, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Ceasar and Pillow Box Gift!

Our lil' doggie Ceasar has turned 4 on the 5th of January!!!  He's such a cutie-pa-too-tie!!!  I bought this cute lil' outfit for him last year, and oh boy... I think it was too tight! Hah!  But he looks soooo adorably-cute in it!!!!  Anyways... Happy Big 4 to the lil' fella!!  We Love U!!!!

Photo: Happy 4th Birthday to our lil' baby doggie Ceasar! Lol!! Love his cute outfit!! I want to squish him!!! @atdax808 @imaxed0ut @rigginwarrior

Here is also a little pillow box that I cut out to give a gift to my MIL.  Within it.... 3 Chili Peppers....  Being a Vietnamese, she LOVES to eat spicy spicy spicy things!  So does my hubby.  It was a real treat for her to receive them in such a cute wrapped up box. :)  Presentation is always the key!!  Right??  The cartridge I used to cut this pillow box was the Wedding cartridge.  I put a quarter next to the pillow box so you could get an idea of how small this adorable thing is.  Great for jewelry too!!!  :) 

And I leave you with this scripture n' beautiful picture....


Blessings ~
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