January 6, 2013

Decorated Glass Container

Hey there!!  It is extra chilly here in Hawaii.  Winds are pretty strong, and brrrrrr, coming through the house makes me shiver, and all day I am bundled, using a SCARF, socks and with my robe on most of the time!!  LOL.... 

Well, I have some news for you.... my purse was stolen last week Sunday!  Crazy night, New Year's Eve.  At first when I found out it was missing, I kept looking around, hoping that I would find it.  But as time went by, I slowly accepted the fact that it was stolen.  Anyways, long story short, a couple of hours later, a friend of mines called, saying that he found my purse (we were all in the same location when it was stolen).  My purse had everything inside, except for my wallet, camera and phone.  I canceled my credit and debit cards, loss a bunch of cash, my phone was cancelled, and camera with recent photos of some of my projects were 'poof'... gone.  My driver's license was also amongst the stolen.  Within the week, I was able to apply for a new driver's license, received my replaced credit and debit cards, and got an upgrade on my phone (HTC to the iPhone5).  My phone was covered by insurance, but it was perfect timing that I also was due for an upgrade!!  Praising God that only material things were stolen.  God is good....  I know that He knows that whomever stole that purse of mines needed the cash more than I did.  God said that He would be with me through all the junk times, that was one of the junkie times I thought I would've had in 2012, but because I was able to rely on the Lord, and trust that He would pull me through, everything went well.  Thank You, Jesus!!!

On to my project.... here is a glass container that I decorated using vinyl, and my Cricut machine.  I cut out the1st initials of my friend and her hubby's name, and put it on the glass in monogram style with their last name's initial in the middle, using the Lyrical Letters cartridge.  I then cut out images from the Damask cartridge, and applied it to all 3 sides, and on the glass cover.  The vinyl was pretty easy to handle, but tedious, all togetehr it was a very fun project to do.  My girlfriend loves the color purple, so the vinyl color was fitting!!!  I tell you what, I used to paint on these glass containers.  Vinyl letters are waaaay sooo much easier!!!  :) 

Thank You for stopping by... may you have a blessed day!!! 

Blessings ~
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