January 9, 2013

A Bigger Gift Bag from My Scrap Chick

Photo: Sisterly Breakfast... Oh-so-Yummy!!!   Good for the soul...... @lueva

Aloha Friends!!!  Yesterday I had such a busy day!!  It was a rainy day, and I soooo love the rain!!  Love the sounds, love the smell, love the feel... well, I wouldn't be out running around in the rain, but love when it pitter-patters on my roof tops, and it gives me a cozy kinda feeling....  that's the "feel" I'm talking about. 

Photo: The first isle I always ck out when I go to Sam's!!! #Pens #PenFreak #SamsClubI had breakfast with my sister in Christ, Lu-Lu.  We went to Yogur Story located in downtown Honolulu. Ohhh sooo yummmm!!!  Well, whenever she isn't working, Lu-Lu and I try and get in a few girlfriend time, and just have either coffee or breakfast together.  Love her.  We both had a yummy coffee, I went with the Caramel Machiatto, and she the White Mocha Latte... we both like them sweet.  We also had the same dish... the Loco Moco...  the original Loco Moco is usually served with hamburger steak.  However, Yogur Story serves theirs with Prime Rib!!  Oh My... SOOOO Delish!!!  They also have an AWESOME, I mean, AWESOME Red Velvet Waffles!!!  If you have never been to Yogur Story, I recommend that you do try their Red Velvet Waffles the first time you go there.  You will sooooo love it!!! 

After breakfast, I headed home, threw in a load of laundry and took care of bills.  I then did a quick run to Sam's Club, had to 1st a new card because it was in my wallet when it was stolen, and I love that Sam's has two lines - one for returns, and the other for membership renewals/passes.  I didn't have to wait long!  Oh to shopping... oh don't you just love the office supply isle?  Especially all those pens!!! I always have to stop by and check out what kinda pens they have in stock.   Yummmmmerz!!!! 

Ok, stop messing around Jen, get to the good stuff!!  LOL... really every day is a good day for me, an exciting, fun filled day!!  I try to make it that, at least!!!  After picking up a "few" things (I was only supposed to go in for 3 items, but came out with 15!!!  Yeeeesh!!!  Isn't that ALWAYS the case?  So when I got home, it was already time to get the boys from school.  I had a meeting scheduled at 6 pm, so I needed to start on dinner early.  I was smart to pick up a Rotisserie Chicken from Sam's.  Not much to cook, but the rice!!  :)  I got a chance to talk stories on the phone with my girlfriend Ms. Wini for a little bit, but we weren't done with our convo.  The hubs called, and interrupted our convo, and the next thing I knew, time flew, and I was at my meeting.  Phew!!  It was a rainy and wet drive there, and I did a lot of squinting on the road, trying to make sure I stayed within my lane, and the cars besides me stayed within theirs!!!  LOL... when I got home, it was nearly 10 pm!!  Long day...  and now to do it all again!!! 

MY PROJECT: Here is a cute bag that I cut on my Cricut using a cut from My Scrap Chick.  I purchased the Bigger Bags Set.  This set has a bunch of bag cuts, that you can cut on your Cricut (if you have the old SCAL version 2), and your eClips (if you have the eSCAL), using their SVG's file.  I just wanted to cut a bag to put these goodies within them, and of course I wanted to put my Cricut to use.  I have never used sooo much of my Cricut this past Christmas, and I am sooooo glad I did.  You know how you buy something, and you don't really use it?  Yea, now I can say that I really used it to it's full potential.  LOL!!  I still have to "bust into" the eClips machine.  Wanna use that one more.  Not very much difference in the Cricut, but I guess you could say that I wanted to have more cartridges, and options to use. Hopefully I can put my eClips to use more often this year.  Anyways, gotta run, time to start my day.  I hope you have a blessed one as well!!!  See ya tomorrow...  **wink**

Blessings ~
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