October 15, 2012

Product Review - Microwave Brownies in 5 Minutes!!

Aloha and Welcome to my blog!! Lately I have found that I have the desire to just write about anything and everything! LOL... if you will listen, I will write. Even if you don't listen, I will write, because I'm listening to what I'm writing. :)

Ok, enough with the jokes. Before I head out to do my Monday chores, I wanted to share a product review with you. I saw this Microwaveable Brownie Pan at WalMart ($9.95), and soooo wanted to try it out. 1 because I love Brownies, and 2 to have it in 5 minutes?? YaaaaaaooowwwZahh!!! I put the pan in my cart, and all I could think about was getting home, mixing my brownie mix together, and eating after waiting 5 minutes, with a nice sized glass of milk! Oh Yummmerz!!!!

That so didn't happen that way! Hah!!  I got home, did my house chores, and the next thing I knew, the boys were home from school. Ugh! Dinner needed to be started, help was needed at the homework table, and Instragram was calling out to me all at the same time.  Needless to say, it wasn't until everyone was settle in their own cozy corner, after all was well fed, and watching a movie that I got to sneak back to the kitchen and test this baby out!! 

Instructions say I could use any mix.  I used the Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie mix (it came with a package of Hershey's syrup... a plus! Took me less than 5 minutes to combine all ingredients, and stir up til' the mixture was nice n' smooth (eggs, water n' oil was added).  I poured into my new Microwave Brownie pan... evenly spread out the mixture... pop into the micro for 5 minutes.  Instructions also say that depending on watts of microwave, this will determine if your brownie will be done in 5 minutes.  After 5 minutes, my brownies were still a little under cooked.  I know that my microwave isn't a huge micro, so I knew that it wouldn't cook within 5 minutes.  I added 3 more minutes... and it was done then!!!  So, not bad... brownies in 8 minutes!!!  No burns...so I was happy about that!!!

Here's how it looked...

Ok, I know you're probably wondering what is that big hole towards the right side... well, I couldn't wait to eat the yummy brownie, and I didn't wait for it to cool off before cutting!!  I should've waited.  And I will, the next time!! 

The brownie pan also came with a cover.  It isn't to be used while cooking.  But great for storage and re-heating.  The brownies were even MORE delish the following day!!  Yay!!  This'll be easy for my boys to make, and I won't have to worry about them burning themselves.  I think Brownies will be a weekly treat around the house now.  So easy to make and so easy on clean up too.  

Well, thanks for spending part of your day with me.  Tomorrow begins my Week Long Clearly Digital Stamp Release for the month of October!!!  Please remember to stop by and check it out.  See what I've come up with, and hopefully it inspires you!!!  

On another note... I have posted some products to eBay.  Trying to clear my inventory of stuffs I carried while running an online store.  Well, need to get those going, so putting them up on eBay to hopefully sell them out the door.  You can find all of the products I posted by clicking on the eBay link at the top of my blog (right below my blog banner).  I combine shipping!!!  Happy Shopping!!

Have a blessed day!!! 

The Lord said to Abram... "I will make you a great nation."
~Genesis 12:1-2~