October 13, 2012

My Yard... New Plants!!

Aloha and welcome back, friends!!  I wanted to share with you some new plants that I've added to my garden....

Lemon Grass from my mom's garden...

Kalamungay Tree, another one from my mom's garden...

Chili Pepper plant... this one is for my MIL and my hubby!!  :)

Tomato plant, in recovery! LOL!!

Eggplant... this one was oh-so-pretty from WalMart!!  I couldn't pass it up!!  Had to get it and plant it right away in my garden!!

Close up of a budding flower or eggplant??  

Top view of the eggplant leaves... isn't it so pretty??

Here I am... the leaves are from my papaya tree... growing quickly and passing my height!!!

Thanks for peeking in!!!  Hope you're having a blessed day today!!!

"You, O' Lord, are a shield around me."
~Psalm 3:3~