October 17, 2012

Clearly Digital Stamps Day 2: How I Decorated It: Nerds Candy Box


Aloha!!  Welcome to another day of Clearly Digital Stamps Release Week.  Today, I am going to share with you how I created a box of yummy Nerds candy, into a beautifully decorated gift.  Using elements from Clearly Digital Stamps, I was able to decorate this box and give it to one of my gf's, to show her how much she is appreciated in my life.  :)

Ok, first I took the Nerds candy box and measured the length across, so that I had an idea of how long of a DSP I wanted to print on my printer, using a design from CDS.  I choose a DSP design from the newly released set called "Nut Crackers".

Here is the DSP, printed on regular white printer paper (Grace Pacific from WalMart).  I cut the DSP down to the size of my Nerds Candy Box. 

After cutting, I fold the DSP around my candy box prior to gluing down, just to crease them in all the right places.

As you can see, the DSP doesn't cover the box in it's entirety. But it's ok... I've got a solution for that! 

Measure how wide the gap is...  (about 2").

I cut a matching shimmery paper and run it through my pink crimper.

Now wrap that piece around my Nerds Candy Box to cover the gap.  Now there is a gap in the FRONT of my box.  But here is where I will magically cover and decorate with my design. 
 I cut out a frame on my Cricut Machine using Art Philosophy.  I then measure it's length, because I want to print a sentiment from Clearly Digital Stamp's "Church Chatter".  So I need to know the size I want to print it out at.

After successfully printing, I cut out the piece, and now I want to cut it flushed to my cut-out frame. 

I adhere in place....

Flip over the piece, and cut with my scissors around the edges to cut of the stray white cardstock.

After cutting the piece out, it is then that I realized that I liked it better when the edges weren't cut out.  Oh well... moving on!

I decide to sponge the edges... using Stampin' Up! ink.

I sponged....

I adhere Foam Tape to the back of the frame:

Adhere to the Nerds Candy box, right over the gap of the 2" strip of shimmery paper.

Now to add some flowers...  These flowers come on green wires, so I like to curl the ends around the end of my paint brush or you can even use your stylus tool as well!

I cut me some leaves from this fern leaf... I cut off pieces to make smaller leaves.

I made a cut lil' bow... with the help of a fork!

Then added all the flowers I wanted to, using crystal glaze to hold it in place.

Here is my completed project...

Again, I've used "Church Chatter" from Clearly Digital Stamps.  As you can see there are many other sentiments that you can utilize with this digital stamp set. Please go and check out the store, as there are plenty of other images that were released this week!!!  U will soooo  LOVE because it is that time of year to start making your year-end projects, and CDS has got them all!!!  Come back tomorrow... I will have another project using this same set to share with you.

Much Love n' Blessings to you, my friend!!!!

EBay Update:  I've added some "My Sentiments Exactly!" (MSE!) stamps to my eBay listing!!!  Please click on the link below my blog banner above to see all that I have listed on eBay.

"Pray for those who persecute you! In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in Heaven."
~Matthew 5:44-45~