October 2, 2012

FREEBIE Scripture Page Layout and Changing out High Ceiling Light Bulbs

Last night, I went to turn the kitchen lights on and 5 of 6 lights "poofed" and went dark.  This is how my kitchen looked....  my first thought of the day was to head down to Home Depot and pick up bulbs for these lights. 

So I went to Home Depot, picked up some flood fluorescent lights, and had to change out those lights.  I thought you might find it interesting in how I changed them out.  Well, when we first purchased this house, I already knew that I either needed a tall ladder, or one of those light bulb changer kit - you can find them here at Amazon! 

As you can see... these lights are up high on these high ceilings!! 

Down below, I set up my garbage can, incase a light bulb comes falling down, it won't shatter on the floor.  

I attach the suction to the bulb that I am about to install...  the cord attached is used to release the suction from the bulb, when it is in place.  

Installing one of the light bulbs very carefully.... 

Then slowly pulling on the cord attached to release the suction from the bulb's surface.

Now brighter than before. 2 lights weren't working after I've installed them.  But nonetheless, it was still brighter than before.  I will try and figure out if it is the bulb or the fixture itself that isn't working right.  :(  

Here is today's project... I digitally created this simple scripture layout.  Great for page LO's or simply to print and put somewhere in your house, or to post anywhere on the web.  The scripture is from Ephesians 2:8-10.  Feel free to right click and save to your computer.

Blessings and Peace to You!!!