October 4, 2012

Creating Hanging Flower Pots for My Yard and a Ribbon Hair Piece

Took mom to the fabric store today.... this was the first time she went there, and it was nice to see that she was so surprised to know that this store was so close to home!! I also dragged along two of my Sisters in Christ... Natascha* and Lucinda*. {{Names have been changed to protect their privacy!}}. Mom purchased some tracing paper.  I too picked up some tracing paper, and I was going to get me a tracing tool, but mom said she had an extra one at home to give me.  I purchased a couple of patterns and material to make a bag!!!  I can't wait to try them out and see how good my sewing skillz are!  Too Funny!!!  My mom taught me to sew when I was about 11 years old. I remember not really wanting to learn how to sew, because at that time, all I wanted to do was play outside with my friends.  But all I learned from her was pretty much how to straight stitch, and all I made was pot holders.  So using patterns is a new step for me, and I am praying that I will be able to figure that one out on my own!!  :)  I purchased a couple of patterns from WalMart, to make a scrub for my gf, *Lucinda, who is a nurse!!  Gonna see if I can sew that... because those are a huge hit in Hawaii at craft fairs!! 

Anyways, here's the bunch of goodies I picked up....

The pink material is for Lucinda's scrub.  The blue one is for the bag.  I didn't realize that both designs were the same!!  LOL...  Lucinda chose the pink one, and purchased it, while I picked the blue one for the bag!!  The bag I am going to try and sew is the one on the top. Hmmm... that should be fun!!

After dropping my mom and gf's off, I headed to Home Depot!!  Picked up some hanging plants, but purchased them in little pots.  Got 3 to fit in 1 larger pot.  After contemplating how I would show the plants (on the ground or by hanging them), I decided to go with hanging them.  But the pots that I purchased weren't hanging pots.  But I knew that I could easily transform them into hanging pots, using wire hangers!!!  So here's what I did!!! 

Supplies: 3 wire hangers, Crop-o-dile, Pilers and Cutter (The cutter shown here was NOT big enough to cut the wire hanger in half, therefore I ended up using a much stronger and bigger cutter later on).

I punch a hole on each side of the plastic pot, using my Crop-o-dile.

Take a wire hanger and cut in half using my extra-super-duper-cutter tool....  

Using my pilers, I bend the edges of the wire to make a hook that will goo through the holes that I've punched on the flower pot.

Thread the wire through the 1st hole.

Using my pliers I squeeze the end to the wire to close the gap.

Here is a look at the wire bended together.

Using my pliers, I bend the top of the hanger closer, so that it will have a hook that is not so wide.

 Here are my completed handing flower pots... I hung 2 plants under my tree!

2nd plant...

The 3rd plant I hung near my front porch.  This is a spider plant.. isn't it so pretty??

Right below the spider plant sits these plants.  I don't know what these are called, but I purchased some from WalMart and the tall ones came from mom's garden.  Thanks Ma!  

Ok, so here's today's crafty project.  I used my mini-bowdabra to create this beauty.  I gave this hair piece to my gf for her grandbaby.  I need to make more!!!  My craft world is expanding... and having too many things to do is going to drive me crazy!!  Accckkkk!!! Nonetheless, it is enjoyable to create and very therapeutic. 

Thanks for stopping by n' spending your day with me here.  May the Lord bless your every step today!