October 1, 2012

Cards From Faith Card Swap #1

Hey gang... well here are a few things to catch you up with what's going on with me..

I started my early day with my Tangerine Vitamin C mixture.
Made breakfast n' lunch for the mister.
Have some major plans for today - one of which consists of getting back into blogging!
Oh how I've missed you, my blog page and friends!!!
Currently battling a COLD... which started because of the VOG... ;o/
Also taking a break from Facebook, for no reason - just because.
Time to get the boys up and ready to go to school!
I need to get started on the cards that my sister ordered for her store back in July!!! Grrr!!
NEW Clearly Digital Stamp images are ready for the CDS Design Team to create with!!  So excited for this one!!

Today's post consists of the cards created by those that participated in my very first Faith Card Swap (FCS1)...


What a bunch of pretty cards, huh?  Love them all...  will be posting an "OPEN SIGN UP" for the next Faith Card Swap soon....  

Blessings n' Peace to You in Christ Jesus.....