October 31, 2012

Angry Birds' Birthday Party

Remember this post? Well... here are more pics from that party.  My niece and I also worked on a King Pin Pinata - it was sooo fun to make.  She made the actual pinata, and I made the face.  Instead of hanging it, the kids threw a ball at it, as it sat on some boxes, and the more it fell, the more damages it took.  Finally, my niece took a paddle to it, and busted it open.

I've only posted pics of the party that pertained to the Angry Birds' theme.  I will work on some digi pages, and get those pics up soon!!  Oh, I almost forgot!!!  The instructions for the King Pig Pinata came from this blog: The Crafty Woman.  :)  Happy Crafting!!!!

Be blessed n' thanks for stopping by!
Aloha, Jen