October 5, 2012

Air Show

Last week I caught a cold, simply starting off by allergies that were triggered by the VOG floating above the land of Oahu.  This VOG is like the SMOG of LA.  Simply put, pollution...ugh!!! During the week of my dreadful allergies, I met up with my kids at their field trip location.  It was an all school field trip, and since my son had a volleyball game, I was one of the parents that volunteered to pick up a bunch of students to bring back to the school earlier than the school bus would.Which would've been at 5:30 pm!  But that was when the game started, so those kids needed to be back a lot earlier.

The field trip was out to the Kaneohe Marine Corp Base, where they are having an all weekend family air-show.  I believe they do this every year.  They had a bunch of booths set up, and lots of military air and land vehicles that were on display. The kids got to go into planes, and sit in army cars, and stand behind tanks, guns and driver seats.  I'm so glad that I was able to experience my boys expressions while checking out these cool items.  They also had a carnival that looked like it was ready to go for the weekend.  So it was like a pre-show of what was to come for the weekend. 

Well, here are some pics that were taken on that day...  :)

The day was beautiful... and HOT!!  I was exhausted after the field trip and just wanted to knock out.  But it was a day that I had to "just keep going" because we still had my son's volleyball game and then home fellowship to follow.  The day was a long one....  we were truly blessed!!! 

Thanks for peeking n' spending a time of your day with me!!