September 3, 2012

Heading Back Home From Maui to Oahu


Aloha All...  I hope that these last couple of days have been good to you.  The Lord has blessed my family and I by sending us out on a relaxing trip to Maui for the celebration of our 18th wedding anniversary.  The first couple of days we were so excited, and wide-eyed to see all the beautiful tropical things, even right here on the very grounds of the hotel.  We ate a lot... just kept eating, and eating.. and we explored by being tourists.  We visited the city of Lahaina on our 2nd day here, and went on a train ride, a submarine ride, playing 2 round of miniature golf, and then dining at many places, local and on the hotel grounds.  It is all a blur now, but the memories of being together with my family is all that I care about, and all that have brought joy to my heart.  Here are some stuffs I jotted down so that I can laugh and smile about as I look back and reminisce.... 

Stuffs I was happy not to pack for this trip:
- Stroller (esp the big heavy kine)
- Car Seat (esp the big heavy kine!!)
- Snacks...

Stuffs I can't believe I forgot to pack:
- Contact Container
- Saline Solution
- Toothpaste! (WHAT??? - We had to use Cy's "Fruity Flavor-Toy Story" Toothpaste for the 1st night, then went to WalGreens the next day n' picked up these stuffs!  LOL....)
- Swim Shorts
Stuffs That Was Smart Of Us To Do:
- Stopped at Foodland to buy snacks, bread, mayo, sandwich meat and water bottles, for midnight snacks, and just food to munch on during the "in-betweens".
- Asking Joshtin to stay at our house and watch not only the house, but to take care of the doggies too!! 

Thanks for peeking and check out some of the pics..I will share more along the next couple of days.  I am sooooo looking forward in going home, working on the projects that the Lord has set before me!!!  Thank You, Jesus!!!!