August 2, 2012

Tutorial: Simple Gift Bag

Aloha Readers.. here is a simple tutorial in how to create a cute gift bag. I am using Stampin' Up!'s DSP here.  I followed the tutorial from this post from The Sticky Thumb.

  • 2 Double Sided DSP 12”x12”
  • Scissors 
  •  Double Stick Tape / ATG Gun / Mono Adhesive
  • 4 Eyelets
  • Hole Punch / Cropodile
  •  2 Ribbon – 10”
  • Score Tool / Scor-Pal

Step 1: Score 12x12’s 2” on 1 side, then 3” on all others.                                                    
Step 2:  Fold Down at 2” score… cut 2 slits on bottom, left n’ right score marks, up to the 3” mark.  Do this to both pieces.

Step 3: Flip paper over, and fold on all score marks, towards the inner part of the bag.  You can already see where it's going right?  Do this to BOTH pieces.

Step 4: Apply double stick tape to 1 side and bottom panel.  Adhere your tape as close to the edge of your paper as possible, to avoid flaps from coming apart so easily.

Here's where my Cricut Spatula comes in handy, I use it to easily remove the backing of the double stick tape....

Step 5: Put the 2 paper pieces together... I first start by interlocking one side panel of the DSP.

Don't forget to adhere double stick tape to the top folded down flap....

Step 6: Now to put the bottom together.  Adhere tape to the flap that is going to go right over the side flaps. Oh Ya!!  By now, your 2 side flaps should already have been adhered to each other.  :) 

Complete bag after adhering bottom flaps....

Step 7: Pinch both sides to give that crease that gift bags have.  

Step8: I forgot to take pics... but you need to punch 4 holes on the upper part of the bag.  I then used eyelets to make the holes secure, and then threaded my ribbon through, then tied... like so: 

Finished gift bag with ribbon handles....

A different angle... a view from above, with yummies inside.  

Another view from above....

I hope this has been helpful for you!! Have a blessed day!! Hugs, Jen