August 27, 2012

My Yard... New Love, New Hobby and A Scrapbook Layout Page for Class

Hi Friends!!! I have found a new love... my YARD!!!  I have been crazy busy in my yard, doing all kinds of fun things... I am having all kinds of ideas running through my head, and just taking it day by day to see the wonderful changes that are taking place!  Here are a couple of pics of my yard taken on 8-21-12...  the grass aren't all there, just yet.  But I am happy to say that they are slowly growing in daily!!! 

Ok, so here is the porch swing that I've had that went south, because it wasn't being used.. but just being weathered.  I am thinking of reupholstering the cushions, painting the frames black!!  I also plan on removing the mold on our porch, and repainting it!  Also thinking of replacing the old and broken wood pieces with new ones.... 

8-21-12: Here's our empty pond in our front yard. I want to fill it with dirt, let the grass grow in, and have a larger area of my front yard to hang out with family and friends. Nope! I am NOT going to get this pond going again... it held 3000 gallons of water, and had a leak. Want a smaller pond that requires less maintenance. Maybe one with a couple of lilypads, and small fishes???

Heliconia plant on the side of my house....

My back yard and back porch....Thinking of dressing up with a Gazebo out here... BBQ pad in the right corner over there.... lights, lights, lights... for romantic evenings!!!

After I took the 1st pic of the Porch Swing, I started taking it apart...

Pic from my back porch looking down on my back yard (the right part).  This is where I'd like to put my gazebo!!!!

Can't wait!!!  The grass is growing, slowly, but surely.  With enough attention and love, it'll sprout beautifully and in color!!!! 

Oh, and here is the Scrapbook Page that we'd created for my Stampin' Up! class this weekend.  I cut all pieces on my Cricut using a cut from My Scrap Chick.  Love the thought of having a page as part of our class kit.  The ladies enjoyed this page, and really had a great and easy time assembling it.  Especially my gf, Ali!!!  :))) 

For the flowers, I had them spray with water first, crumple and open up, then spray with an ink spray that also had some shimmery powder mixed in there.  You can make your own!!  I took some of the shimmer powder that Stampin' Up! had (I think it's retired), and then I added to my ink spray.  I realized that if you are not into using ink spray so much, then don't have to purchase such a big bottle.  But for those that have a "collection" habit {{like me}}... well then, it's understandable if you do go with that bigger bottle.  Cause you'll never have enough!!  LOL!!  Just make sure that you make use of your spray... don't forget you have them!  :))

I also sprayed some ink on this die cut sentiment... you can see the splatter marks...  

Another flower part close up...

These are the photo layers...  I provided another cut just a little smaller than these frames, so that they could have a pattern to cut out the photo that they would like to put there.  

Well... it rained last night, and it looks like it might be raining all day - so I don't have to water my yard today.  But will go out there to see if new pics are justifiable. 

May you have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by!  Aloha.... Jen