August 11, 2012

Decorated Notepad w/Pencil

I found a couple of notepads at Target in the clearance section.  Regularly priced at $5, and I got each for $1.50!!  These notepads are from a local designer.  I thought I could decorate and they'd make great gifts for anyone that would receive them.  I decorated one for a friend of mines.  Here's how it turned out.

Paper: Walmart - Colorbok, Butterfly: Local Craft Store (I used these butterflies on the graduation leis I posted a couple of weeks ago), had some extras so used 1 here.  I stuck a cute white rose in the middle. 

On another note... here are some RAK's I received....  

From Sarah:

From Colleen - this was my BDay RAK that she sent me.  Yes, that was months ago.  Sorry Co-Co!!  Trying to get back on track here.  Colleen's blog of her creations can be found here.

Thank you for sending me happy mail!!  It's always fun to receive fun, colorful things!! 

One last thing... a bag company send me these bags to play with.  :O))))  FUN FUN FUN!!!  I am looking forward in seeing how I can and what I can do with these.  I will post them as I create them.

Hope your Saturday was  a blessed one!